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Most importantly, remember that a review essay paper is not only a summary or retelling of what the book or an article contains. The general writing pattern to follow is an introduction, a brief reminder about the contents, information about the author, critical discussion, and a conclusion that talks about your opinion. See our essay samples to see the share of each essay portion and the correct structure in practice. In most cases, about 60% of your writing must belong to the critical discussion part. Take your time to examine our essay examples that include references to the original article to see what parts have been taken for analysis and how exactly it has been implemented in every paragraph.

Review of Movies

I assume the speaker is extremely convincing because he starts by providing some facts about himself before beginning to make his points. For eg, he says that he is an instructor who teaches his students to tackle multiple processes of multitasking designs (Conger, 2016). This tends to make the listener…

Words: 322

Pages: 2

Monsters Discussion

Dr Walter Paler has been labelled monster after he used to be found to have shot Cecil, the Lion in Zimbabwe. The result was that the detects had to flee from his domestic and protect himself from the guards as he tried to save himself from the embarrassment that he…

Words: 835

Pages: 4

The Fall of The House of Usher

House of Mirrors: Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Fall of the House of Usher.’.””Short Story Criticism Poe’s work, The Fall of the House Usher, explores the mysteries and Gothic factors of the House of Usher and takes the reader on how those elements arouse a new understanding of divinity and mystical…

Words: 814

Pages: 3

Obesity in America

Obesity has become an increasing issue in the United States of America in recent years, particularly with the rise of the fast-food industry. Obesity has become such a serious health problem that one out of every four residents in some counties, such as Mississippi, is obese. According to recent estimates,…

Words: 627

Pages: 3

A Beautiful Mind Film Analysis

The film A Beautiful Mind remains one of those sensitive and moving films telling the story of an outstanding mathematician known as John Forbes Nash, who is battling paranoid schizophrenia. Based on the true story of a scholarly genius, the film was played by Russel Crowe and directed by Ron…

Words: 547

Pages: 2

Ken Kesey, “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” by Ken Kesey, explains activities at a psychiatric institution where the struggles between a new student, McMurphy, and Nurse Ratched continue and eventually involve all patients. McMurphy appears at the hospital from jail for evaluation, which leads him to feel that he might be…

Words: 1191

Pages: 5

American Sniper film analysis

Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” a record of the Iraq War as seen from the gun sights of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, whose four voyages through obligation solidified his remaining as the deadliest marksman in U.S. military history, begins as a competent, straightforward combat image and gradually transforms into something more…

Words: 2245

Pages: 9

Cultural Appropriation and Hollywood

Tonto is the deuteragonist of the Disney’s 2013 movie entitled, The Lone Ranger. He rides alone while looking for two men who were accountable for the ruin of his village. The film has acquired a series of critics ranging from its display of a noble savage, Tonto being labeled a…

Words: 300

Pages: 2

Geographical Features (Man-Made and Natural)

Learning Objective: By the give up of the lesson, students will be able to identify and listing the various examples of geographical features on the land. Students will also be in a position to explain the existence of every named element and make quite a few sketches. They should also…

Words: 807

Pages: 3

“Groundhog Day” Film

“Groundhog Day” film tells the story of Phil Connors, a reporter who finds himself trapped to relive the same day over and over again. In the beginning, the main character is a cruel, selfish, self-centered human, unhappy to all, while in the end, after being revived hundreds of times the…

Words: 582

Pages: 3

Sustainable fashion by a Hollywood reporter

Carlson, Jane. Annual Red Carpet Green Dress Contest Starts Again. 11 October 2013. Electronic print. 9 December 2015. A renowned stylist reporter currently working as a Hollywood reporter, Jane Carlson also writes articles related to fashion and beauty. She studied in the University of Nevada and obtained a degree in…

Words: 626

Pages: 3

American Dream pursuit by Loman

The Death of a Salesman embodies the quest for the impossible American Dream. The play not only identifies and discusses problems within a particular family but also delves into wider concerns surrounding basic American ideals. Arthur Miller investigates the blind hope that most Americans have about the American dream. Death…

Words: 1560

Pages: 6

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