Sustainable fashion by a Hollywood reporter

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Carlson, Jane. Annual Red Carpet Green Dress Contest Starts Again. 11 October 2013. Electronic print. 9 December 2015.
A renowned stylist reporter currently working as a Hollywood reporter, Jane Carlson also writes articles related to fashion and beauty. She studied in the University of Nevada and obtained a degree in journalism: public relations and minor speech. She has also participated in a number of professional forums. As a fashion and beauty writer, she has been a major promoter of sustainable fashion as she emphasizes on the importance of consciousness in dressing. Her writeups usually focus on the big fashion platforms like the Oscars and other Red Carpet events. Her article point out the significance of eco fashions which is the main topic of discussion in the paper.

Garbadi, Chiara Spagnoli. Vegan Couture: Tammam. 17th July 2017. Print.

Chiara Garbadi is a famous writer who is conversant in French, English, Italian, and Spanish. She writes reviews on diverse topics, that is fashion, the arts, movie production, et cetera. Her article is majored on the works of a known designer, Lucy Tammam. Chiara writes in detail, Lucy’s stand as a designer, her drive for fashion consciousness and fair trade. The article describes in detail the style and design that is used by the British designer, and the impact the designs have on the planet. Lucy’s designs as presented by Chiara enlightens us more on the available materials that are used in eco-fashions.

Menkes, Suzy. Designing for the Green Carpet. 13 September 2013. Print. 9 December 2015. Susan Menkes is a British fashion critic and journalist who works as an international editor for Vogue Online. The article, ‘Designing for the Green Carpet’, talks about the trend that has been set by London designers siting the pioneers of the green fashions such as Livia Firth. Suzy Menkes highlights the main British designers who Livia will be showcasing at the Green Carpet. Ms. Firth’s main aim was to promote the integration of eco-fashion in the supply chain, thus promoting sustainable fashions and environmental consciousness. Susan Menkes’ article therefore highlights some of the forerunners of sustainable fashion.

Minney, Safia, Emma Watson, Lucy Siegel, and Livia Firth. Naked Fashion: The New Sustainable Fashion Revolution. Oxford, UK: New Internationalist, 2011. Print.

The Naked fashion seeks to bring designers together and unite the rest of the public to join them in the movement for sustainable fashion. The book highlights the professionals’ influence and power, their creativity and experience in the fashion industry. The naked print showcases what the designers are doing differently in their quest to promote sustainable fashion. This book is important for any aspirants who are interested in making a change or those seeking a sustainable career in fashion.

Oakes, Summer R. Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2009. Print.

Summer Oakes is an activist, model and author. Her combination of passion and drive for environmental sustainability is what inspires her publications. The book on ‘Style Naturally’ addresses the public with the aim of connecting the various concepts that rally between sustainability and fashion. The writer also uses her role as an activist to trigger change by highlighting different stories in her book that are aimed at provoking thought and inspiring lives. This book helps us in identifying some creative design solutions that can be applied on major environmental challenges.

Smith, Ray. “Shades of Green: Decoding Eco-fashions Claims.” The Wall Street Journal (2008). Document.

Ray Smith is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, known to base his articles on fashion, specifically men’s wear. In his article, Smith addresses the concern of many consumers who find it difficult to distinguish eco-fashions from the rest of the batch. This article points out the specific makings to watch out for when seeking sustainable fashion.

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