Adoption of Sustainable Practices in the Restaurant Industry

Recent trends in sustainability in the restaurant industry Recent trends have pushed many businesses to implement sustainable policies and practices. In studying sustainability in the restaurant sector, the main items that are often affected include energy and water, food waste management, and effects of products on different habitats. Some of the...

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Sustainability Education and Approaches to Entrepreneurship

A sustainable business model A sustainable business model is what the modern entrepreneurs focus to develop. A sustainable business focus to make profits while considering the social and the environmental demands. However, most entrepreneurs find it a challenge to integrate the three dimensions of sustainability simultaneously due to the conflicting demands...

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Problem Behavior: Why I Should Study More in College

P variables: P self-awareness1, P attitude2E variables: E my college colleagues1, E influential people in society2My problem behavior is why I should put more effort in my studies in college. Self-awareness has significantly contributed to my studying efforts. The subjective awareness of an individual is referred to as Consciousness. Consciousness...

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The Nature-Nurture Debate

The Nature-Nurture Debate and its Impact on Intelligence The nature-nurture debate is a common issue that is raised when judging about a person's intelligence. People always ask how nature and nurture differently influence a person's IQ. It is evident that both nature and nurture impact human being's intellectual growth. It is...

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Zizek's Ideology of Nature

Nature has awlays been viewed different in the society since the historical eras. The understanding and perception of nature is usually determined by the belief of individual groups including envrionmentalists, economists, and religions. In his own interpretation, Slavoj Zizek considers nature as whole that exists in its enterity of which...

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Human Impact on the Environment

The environment is an important aspect that ensures peaceful coexistence of the human race and nature. This paper will consider the various aspects that humans are exposed to on earth that assist as well as hinder their survival. 1. What is meant by desertification? Describe how the process of erosion leads...

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Deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world; its size is larger than the combination of the next two largest rainforests, which are in the Congo Basin and Indonesia. It hosts the largest river basin in the planet and the largest number of species of both plants and animals....

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Climate Change and Subalpine Fir Growth and Mortality

Effect of Climate Change on Subalpine Fir Growth and Mortality Due to changes in climate and increasing physiological stress, forests exhibit unique growth and mortality. This piece of writing examines the effect of climate change on Subalpine Fir growth and mortality and how changes in precipitation will affect the predictions. The...

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The Different Types of Dunes

Glaciation refers to covering of land by glaciers. Indirect impacts of glaciations include subsidence of crustal and rebound, changes in sea levels, rivers and valleys, and creation of proglacial lakes through ice dams. Subsidence of crustal and rebound happens in the main areas of ice accumulation leading to rising of...

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Disaster and Economic Development in North Korea

We noted that disaster had detrimental consequences to not only humankind but also animals and plants life. Disaster is a great threat to the development of an economy. It is catastrophic and leaves long term and short term effect once it strikes. In North Korea, a nuclear disaster that was...

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Global Warming and Its Effects on Africa

Over the recent past, the climate has been changing and causing global warming. Due to the extreme changes, this essay will focus on analyzing global warming and the effects to which climate change has impacted livelihoods in Africa. Research has provided evidence that the ozone layer has been drastically...

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Nature of Problems

In my belief, there are several attributes that make us more closely related to one another than to other living things. This is especially so when considered in their natural way and keeping other factors constant. First, it is human nature to cultivate closeness to one another rather than living...

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