Essays on Gardening

The Importance of Gardening

A garden refers to a well-planned outdoor space that people cultivate and plant trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. A garden includes both natural and artificial materials to prepare the ground for cultivation. For a garden to be referred to as a garden, it consists of soil, sunlight, water, fertilizer and...

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The Impact of School Gardens on Students

The article by Caitlin Flanagan in the Atlantic Magazine titled “Cultivating Failure” highlights a wide range of arguments with respects to school gardens and how they affect students’ performance at school. Caitlin’s argument is that these gardens are stripping students of valuable time to become “educated”. The exact words are...

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Why People Garden

Gardening as a Soulful Activity Gardening is one of the most favorite hobbies of many people, therefore, so many of us like gardens and find something special and peculiar in them. One may admit that garden is not merely a place, where plants and trees grow. It is a part of...

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The Truth about Gardening

Gardening and its ImportanceGardening, in general, is the practice or art of growing a piece of land or ground with the primary goal of planting vegetables and flowers. In reality, with the exception of child procreation, the art of gardening is the most positive and optimistic activity of all human...

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