Essays on Helping Others

Jessica Jackley's Perspective on Poverty

Jessica Jackley's Sunday school lessons initially shaped her perception of the underprivileged. She was taught that the underprivileged required her assistance. She first learned about the negative things happening in the world of the poor people later in life. Their surroundings were filled with sorrow, adversity, and destruction. Every time...

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Support Learning: Living Center Helped

End of life refers to the assistance provided to patients who are in the last months or years of their lives ('What End of Life Treatment Includes - End of Life Care Guide - NHS Options', 2017) and the aim is to ensure that before they die, the person can...

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Help For Those Who Need

We live in a world full of needy people, especially in developing countries and, for instance, in those countries affected by war and violence. There are many causes for poverty, such as laziness, lack of education, disease, hunger, war and violence, storms and other disasters, and many others. Helping each...

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The Wrong Way to Get People to Do the Right Thing

Since time immemorial, the subject of aid has resided with mankind. The encouragement to give a hand for any successful course, however, remained divisive. Alfie's thesis on the wrong way to get people to do the right thing provides insight into the mind of man when it comes to making...

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