Essays on Perspective

Jessica Jackley's Perspective on Poverty

Jessica Jackley's Sunday school lessons initially shaped her perception of the underprivileged. She was taught that the underprivileged required her assistance. She first learned about the negative things happening in the world of the poor people later in life. Their surroundings were filled with sorrow, adversity, and destruction. Every time...

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Comparing and Contrasting Two Poem’s Handling of the Theme of Identity

Many parallels and distinctions emerge when comparing and contrasting Maya Angelou's poetry "Africa" with Adrienne Su's "Escape from the Old Country." However, provided that both poets handled the issue of identity differently, the way in which each of them deals with it adds much more curiosity. Using a compare and...

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Disciplinary Perspective

Disciplinary perspective is a manner in which a particular discipline views and approaches the appreciation of dilemma, challenge or problem in the world. It entails the specific way in which a concern filters out particular phenomena of interest by a practitioner. Disciplinary viewpoint is different from disciplinary insight because the...

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