Disciplinary Perspective

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Disciplinary perspective is a manner in which a particular discipline views and approaches the appreciation of dilemma, challenge or problem in the world. It entails the specific way in which a concern filters out particular phenomena of interest by a practitioner. Disciplinary viewpoint is different from disciplinary insight because the latter includes the ideas of a discipline that combine to make the unique view and approach of a problem in the world. Based on the various thoughts or insights coming from training, disciplinary perspective for an individual discipline can vary. It skill that disciplinary perspective shows that subjects do now not always present truths that are fixed about the world. They are the disciplinary lenses or insights that help in looking the world differently, interpret and understand the world based on these ideas. Therefore, disciplinary insight is a component of disciplinary perspective.
It is important to understand this difference when it comes to doing interdisciplinary research as it helps researchers to establish the difference between interdisciplinary studies. Since interdisciplinary studies are developed from varying conceptions or ideas, understanding the difference between disciplinary perspective and disciplinary insight is useful to interdisciplinary scholars to establish the difference between concepts while doing research. They can also make clarifications of definitions that may be conflicting and confusing. As such, it becomes easy to differentiate one discipline for another.

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