100 Exploratory Essay Topics

There is a huge diversity of exploratory essay topics. Some of them are so complex that college students have no desire to even touch them, while others seem too unclear. As a result, students get frustrated. They cannot understand what they should write about, and the samples their teachers give them are rarely interesting. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you’ve come to the right place because we can offer several great solutions!

First, let’s figure out what exploratory papers even are. It’s a piece of writing of investigative nature where you choose a subject and explore it from all existing angles, putting your findings together coherently. There is no need to make an argument — whatever topics for exploratory essay you choose, you should only conduct an investigation into them and present what you discover. Such writing is crucial because it is based on research: you get an opportunity to learn more about a subject that interests you as well as share your insights with your readers. No need to provide evidence to support one point over another — enjoy your research and present its results in a way that others would also appreciate.

What Rules to Follow When Choosing Exploratory Essay Ideas?

Before we get to an actual sample, let’s find out how to settle on a topic. To start with, you have to find it genuinely enjoyable. Think hard about everything you ever asked yourself: are there any issues you were interested in? Maybe there were some subjects you wanted to learn more about but had no time to study? An essay like this is your chance to rectify the situation. Look into things that evoke your curiosity, and this is how you’ll find topics for exploratory essays.

If nothing works still, don’t despair: Google never failed students before. Look for examples online: they’ll likely be broad at first, but it will be enough for giving you an inkling as to what you could explore. Narrow them down by yourself. Another way is to discuss everything with friends or classmates. If you were given an exploratory task, other students got it, too, and through mutual brainstorming, you all could come up with cool ideas. Keep in mind that there has to be enough info about the subject available to you through research: while you don’t have to prove a point, you must still maintain objectivity. This could only be done by using reliable academic sources.

List of Exploratory Essays Topics

Seeing a direct example is always better than reading theory. That is why we prepared 100 diverse topics in 10 popular categories. Study each of them carefully, copying those that you like best. We are certain that you will find the topic that will stir your interest, or at the very least, you’ll get inspired enough to understand in what direction you’d like to move.


Every person in the world has a bond of some kind with other people. That makes exploratory topics in this sphere attractive to all.

  1. What is the core of abandonment issues?
  2. Adoption is a strong method for strengthening marriage bond
  3. Diverse reasons explaining why humans cheat on their partners
  4. How long do most teenagers and young adults live with their parents after graduating?
  5. Why children in rich families might grow up with a disturbing lack of empathy
  6. How two parents working full-time jobs interact with their growing child
  7. What factors make some children susceptible to bullying
  8. Ideal conditions for raising children: what parents should do
  9. How and why do some seemingly loving individuals end up killing their partners?
  10. What friendships have every chance to survive for decades

Sport Exploratory Essay Topic Ideas

Billions of people in the world love sports. Many of them are downright obsessive over it, so if you are also a fan, you’ll like these exploratory essay topic ideas.

  1. Which factors make what kinds of sports popular in specific countries
  2. How a violent sport like boxing has gained so many  fans
  3. How often modern generations engage in sport on a weekly basis
  4. Who have an opportunity to become professional sportsmen
  5. How important is a natural talent for succeeding in professional running?
  6. How cunning can sportsmen get to make sure they win a match?
  7. How sport became such an inherent part of American society
  8. Why do most professional types of sport have limits on participants’ age?
  9. In which ways does getting a physical injury affect sportsmen’s mindset?
  10. Implementation of technologies in organizing sports matches in COVID-19 conditions


If you love books and there is one you wanted to read or discuss, these exploratory writing examples will resonate with you. In case you aren’t familiar with the title we offer, just replace it with the one you know & add corresponding characters or authors.

  1. What inspires writers to describe stories they have no personal experience with?
  2. Can writers’ work say something about them as a person?
  3. How could fiction help recover from psychological problems?
  4. Could books be a guide showing how one should act in real life?
  5. Why vampires in ‘Twilight’ differ from their more mainstream depictions
  6. What motivated Suzanne Collins to write ‘Hunger Games’?
  7. Books based on true events: why do people write them?
  8. What makes books like ‘Harry Potter’ for such a long time
  9. Could someone who loves reading write a good book?
  10. How and why fanfiction came to exist: First known examples

Exploratory Essays Ideas on Movies

Exploratory paper topics in the movie category are a great chance to combine what you like and what you have to study for college assignment.

  1. Why do more individuals prefer movies over theater performances?
  2. How does online pirating affect the release of new movies & TV shows?
  3. Reasons why TV shows are canceled before they have a chance to reach an end
  4. How are society’s standards reflected in modern movies?
  5. How do people who promote media censorship justify their opinions?
  6. Evolution of the idea for creating The X Files show.
  7. How does Netflix operate and what movies does it sponsor?
  8. Do cinemas remain popular as compared to the profit they were making a decade ago?
  9. Which movies could usually count on getting nominated for Oscar?
  10. Difference between what male and female actors earn

Ideas on Education

There are plenty of exploratory essay questions for students that concern different levels of education.

  1. Definition of part-time education: Meaning & features it has
  2. Why American education is so expensive
  3. Can students cheat when they pass their SATs?
  4. Do most teenagers enjoy going to school?
  5. Why do some schools insist on students wearing uniforms while others don’t?
  6. Why the Russian system of education is considered ineffective
  7. What makes some American students go abroad for higher education?
  8. Why do some populations forbid females to study in a university?
  9. Safety mechanisms launched in universities: Could they be improved?
  10. Why does an increasing number of young individuals choose not to enter colleges?

Exploratory Topics About Healthcare

The medical field is fascinating, and exploratory essays about it are always relevant.

  1. Why do more and more countries decide to make the use of marijuana legal?
  2. Why are some doctors against the use of plastic surgery on children?
  3. Is it possible to live past the age of 100 and feel healthy?
  4. Are there any diets that actually work?
  5. In what ways could body image be made more diverse?
  6. Are some people obsessed with exercising to an unhealthy extent?
  7. Do people enjoy their retirement or does it make them feel useless?
  8. Ways in which celebrities unwillingly promote unhealthy habits
  9. Are surgeons punished for making mistakes or do most of them go free?
  10. Are marathons useful in terms of health?

Topics on Technology

We all depend on technology, and writing exploratory essay on this topic could be fun.

  1. How did iPhones appear & Why did they gain popularity?
  2. Role of virtual reality in escapism
  3. What is the precedent for AI replacing human teachers?
  4. When did Facebook become the number 1 social network?
  5. What technologies do police officers use for tracking criminals?
  6. When and why did schools start using computers?
  7. Cars that drive themselves: why do we prefer them?
  8. What is the aim of the majority of hackers?
  9. Enhanced technologies contribute to increasing laziness
  10. What professions became obsolete due to technologies?

Business Exploratory Essay Prompts

Many individuals start a business or interact with it in some way. Because of this, exploratory essay questions are widespread.

  1. How did Amazon achieve its current level of success?
  2. How start-ups stand a chance at succeeding?
  3. What is blockchain and how did it come to be?
  4. Why MySpace lost a big part of its relevancy over time
  5. What is Strikethrough and why did LiveJournal lose members?
  6. Which online shops are more successful than physical stores?
  7. Best places for investments in 2020
  8. How many people understand the concept of cryptocurrency?
  9. How businesses can save themselves from going bankrupt
  10. Is gambling legal?

Religion Ideas

This sensitive subject is a great ground for exploratory topics.

  1. How many people who survived clinical death claim they have seen something?
  2. How religions exist and how they evolved?
  3. Is it legal for children to be raised in families of religious fanatics?
  4. Is Islam violent in nature?
  5. Are faith and religion different things?
  6. Is religion gaining or losing relevance?
  7. How does religion affect eating habits?
  8. Does religion help feel less lonely?
  9. Is there any scientific evidence of religion coming from God?
  10. What do different Gods in religions have in common?

Psychology Topics for Exploratory Essay

Few people aren’t fascinated by human mindsets. Fortunately, finding good exploratory essay topics is not a problem.

  1. Reasons that contribute to packing mentality among teens and young adults
  2. How does Stockholm syndrome develop?
  3. What causes rivalry between siblings?
  4. What determines the extent of mental damage for victims of assault in similar circumstances?
  5. What psychology stands behind introverts?
  6. Is it difficult for introverts and extraverts to be friends?
  7. Why do some people give birth to children when they cannot provide them with essentials?
  8. How many people get married because it is expected of them?
  9. Why did the trend of shipping characters become this popular?
  10. What pushes some psychopaths to kill?

Choose Only the Best Topics for Your Exploration

With how many exploratory essays topics there are, finding the one that you like will be easy. Your interest is vital, so trust it and look for themes on its basis. We offered just some variants, but we hope it was enough to wake up your inner researcher and inspire them to start working. If it didn’t happen and you still feel zero desire for writing, we have another option. We always welcome students who are ready to work independently as well as those who need help. Contact us, tell us what type of essay you require, and we’ll complete it by the date you’ve set. Either way, success is guaranteed!

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