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A proposal essay must offer an idea with clear evidence that is good enough to persuade your target audience that a certain concept is a good or bad one. The topics may be related to social sciences or engineering disciplines because the majority of essay samples will remind of a typical research proposal. Your thesis should reflect an opinion and propose something with a brief explanation of why it must be done and what importance it poses for society or an academic field in general. Check our proposal paper samples in terms of correct structure and style. Check these rules and templates with your grading rubric twice and compare them with all the important elements of papers that you explore in our database.

Homeless and Help

Because of the societal expectations that revolve around their lives, homeless people face tremendous challenges. Lack of food, shelter, crime, and substance use are among the challenges they face. These problems contribute to psychological discomfort due to social stigmatization of homeless people. These psychological problems worsen and their wellbeing is compromised...

Words: 1464

Pages: 6

Organization for media advocacy

The organization to be addressed is, which seeks to protect the possibility of an accessible and open internet connection. It is also a grassroots organisation working towards a participatory and informed digital agenda. The purpose of writing this case study is to examine how OpenMedia empowers people to participate...

Words: 2176

Pages: 8

Human service Introduction

Homelessness and its Impact on Young Families Homelessness is an issue that adversely affects the well-being of certain individuals, especially young families, in society. Homeless young families suffer from issues such as malnutrition, mental and psychological disability, according to various studies conducted by academics (Martin 228). Tobin and Joseph (4) also claim...

Words: 376

Pages: 2

Marriage in Congo Felicity Conditions

Three forms of marriages in Congo Three forms of marriages in Congo include religious marriages, customs and civilian/forced marriages. Each type is carried out in a different way. The Felicity Conditions of Austin (1962) discuss how they are established in the preparatory, sincere and necessary conditions. Consequently, in the three conditions...

Words: 737

Pages: 3

The internet

The Internet and Social Media The internet is now a major networking medium. People are also using it for different purposes, such as business purchases, news searching, sending emails, playing sports, and, among others, staying in contact with friends and family. The internet has since been a medium that affects every...

Words: 782

Pages: 3

Counseling by Internet

Regardless of its legal ramifications, Internet therapy is currently offered. The efficacy of virtual therapy has posed concerns where the customer does not reach the counselor physically. A new approach in which psychotherapists interfere has been discovered in order to address clients' psychological issues. This medium is effective to save...

Words: 4084

Pages: 15

A story of teenage drug addiction

Three major side effects of addiction A story of teenage drug addiction Author My burden or challenge life? Addiction and its impact I started with taking pills, smoking weed, and alcohol at a very young age. I was at risk of drug abuse as a teenager thereby easily influenced to addiction at age eleven as...

Words: 288

Pages: 2

Solving Issues

What do you do when faced with a dilemma? The key question that is being asked? What are you doing to fix the dilemma and what sort of action are you taking to solve it? In this mission, six problem-solving steps will be evaluated (Bardach & Patashnik, 2015). In Scenario 4,...

Words: 897

Pages: 4

Why Recycling Should Be Mandatory

The Introduction of Laws Requiring Mandatory Recycling The introduction of laws requiring mandatory recycling by numerous states has sparked polarized discussions over the future of waste management. Many stakeholders are concerned about whether recycling should be made obligatory in this case. Recycling is classified into three types: major, secondary, and tertiary. Main...

Words: 996

Pages: 4

Social Convenience of Marriage

The social system is marriage. Marriage of comfort was the rule in the past. Often its goal was linked to influence, policy and social pressure. Not all of these relationships are the products of spousal lust. This was also a requirement for women in particular. The expectations of marriage have...

Words: 3033

Pages: 12

Get Lite Dance

My Ten-Hour Carrier Learning Project at Friendly House After my ten-hour carrier learning project at Friendly House in Worcester, I learned a lot about the community service, food pantry, immigration service, and after school programs. In this paper, I reflect on the matters I achieved during this service learning, as expected...

Words: 402

Pages: 2

Counseling before marriage

Divorce rates have grown to unprecedented levels in the United States since the beginning of the twenty-first century. While this pattern has subsided, recent reports show that some 45 percent of first marriages are in the first 15 years of separation or divorce. These figures are of major concern (Benokraitis,...

Words: 1607

Pages: 6

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