Essays on Counseling

The Role of Clinical Psychology in Counseling

What differentiates humans from other creatures is our ability to learn from our past experiences which include issues and problems faced as well as being capable to adapt to changes. However, the pace at which a person adjusts or learn the new things is what constitutes personality. There are several...

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The Importance of Counseling

It appears as if the day evolves into a night the same way individual’s transform and evolves as well.  Diane is a forty-two years old woman who her life has been full miseries all through. In the first place, her mother passed away of cancer illness last year, while his...

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Guidance Counseling Club

The primary goal of the Guidance and Counseling club of the American school proposed program is to assist students in expressing their social and educational challenges through young people, counselor and also acknowledging a large base of talents, skills, and needs of the students. The guidance and counseling club holds...

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counseling job

Over the past forty years, there has been a major evolution in the counseling profession. The rising consumer desire in the industry has been given credit for this. The historical event that has had a major impact on the identity of the profession of mental health counseling is the new...

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“Why more students don't use the counseling center.”

The purpose of this article is to identify the avoidance factors that discourage both adults and students from pursuing counseling services. The study's results indicate that issue type, differences in the counseling environment, cultural traits, and demographics are among the reasons people avoid counseling on a regular basis. My study...

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Therapy and counseling

Counseling and therapy for addiction are vital because they assist individuals in the recovery process in understanding the probable causes of addiction. During this process, these individuals also learn how to identify risk factors for relapse as well as acquire strategies that may be used to cope with stressful situations...

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Research in the field of counseling psychology

The existence of both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles discussing the various parts of this course has recently increased research in the field of counseling psychology. "Murdoch, D. D., Gregory, A., and Eggleton, J. M." is the paper to be examined (2015). Why study psychology? An examination of psychological literacy...

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Following the difficulties mentioned concerning the client, James, it is possible to provide a sound diagnostic and psychiatric treatment to assist him in coping with the different mayhems he has found himself in. This casework method will be useful in assessing the client's social, cultural, and family issues, which have...

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A community's culture

Culture influences how people see certain situations and exhibit themselves during counselling. The culture of the society in which one grows up has a tremendous influence on the process of personal development and identity building. A community's culture is determined by its beliefs, values, sense of belonging, and distinctiveness. Individuals...

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The Integrative Personal Theory

The primary goal of counseling is to initiate the self-exploration journey. It is intended to boost self-esteem and understanding of several important life ideas. Clients must be assisted in exploring, mobilizing, and developing resources effective in meeting problem solutions and successfully overcoming problems. The therapeutic process, which is relationship-centered, is...

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professional counselors

The majority of professional counselors, according to the report, selected their profession for a variety of reasons. But after reading each of the sampling counselors' interviews, I realized that a profession in counseling is more like a calling. Usually, the idea of being a counselor comes to mind when one...

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Role of Counselling and Helping In Bereavement

Bereavement is acknowledged as a significant stressor in people of all sexes and developmental stages (Cutcliffe and Stevenson 2010, p. 125). It is characterized by a range of feelings, such as desperation and loneliness, as well as anger, worry, despair, and frustration. It's important to handle the season of mourning...

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