Essays on Positive Psychology

Extreme Happiness

Positive psychology faces numerous obstacles and critics in the twenty-first century. While some philosophers support emphasizing extreme pleasure, others disagree. Notably, Ed Dier's analysis has revealed what causes happiness and why individuals experience it. Positive psychology should also sympathize because it makes people happier. Having said that, since it prolongs...

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Positive psychology

Positive psychology acknowledges the relationship as important to people's sense of well-being. People require relationships to help them maintain their moods, increase their self-esteem, and feel connected. Psychologists have enough evidence to back up this argument. It's tough to fathom life without people. A person's life can involve relationships that...

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The Flow of Happiness

Flow, also referred to as the region, is the operational mental state in psychological terms, where a person undertaking an activity becomes completely involved in it, experiences an energized concentration, and deeply enjoys the role they participate in. A individual works away and experiences development while in the flow state...

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Reflection of the Positve Influence of Christianity in me

Some of the things we face daily seems to have a compound effect on the direction of our lives and these have different effects on us. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to know about the educational material and this enthusiasm did not wane even after I went...

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