Essays on Psychotherapy

depression symptoms and therapy

Depression, also known as major depressive disorder, is a widespread and debilitating mental illness that has a detrimental impact on how one behaves, believes, and performs. The above issue is treatable with the appropriate means of treatment and prescription. A depressed person is prone to feeling lonely or losing pleasure…

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Overview in Therapy

There are different approaches to treat psychiatric conditions, from therapy to medicine. Each of these strategies has its own strengths and limitations that make them applicable in different situations. There is the risk of over-prescription of medications or a mismatch of the medication approach with the diagnosis due to the…

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Similarities among psychotherapy techniques

Similarities between types of psychotherapy Most psychotherapy therapies share a deep, emotionally polarized, trustworthy relationship with an individual who helps (Clark & David, 318-320). In addition, it is common for all interventions to include a basis that provides an account of the patient’s pain as well as a means of…

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How to integrate faith and its benefits into therapy

Over the years, counseling psychology has evolved, and the focus on cultural competency and ethics is increasing. The traditional techniques of psychotherapy are based on cognitive and behavioral adjustment (APA, 2015). While the methods were possible, clinicians overlooked the element of faith in therapy due to the lack of a…

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“here and now” In due respect, as we begin the session, I will recommend a path that Stan should follow. I will direct him to stress the present situation and not to dwell excessively on the past. In the case of Stan, there are numerous unfinished enterprises that significantly impact…

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