Essays on Psychological Disorders

Towards a Psychosocial Psychoanalysis

Psychosocial Disorder and Social Media Psychosocial disorder is a condition in which one's conduct and attitude are influenced by their social life. Given the availability of technology, most people's social life center around social media. A social life is necessary for leading a normal existence. If a person spends the majority...

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Discussion on Contemporary Social Problems

Mental Disorder in Canadian Correctional Facilities Mental disorder refers to a continuum of psychiatric conditions resulting in an individual's clinically expressed disability that controls one thing thought, actions and emotions as a result of underlying intellectual disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2015). Mental disorder is a big problem in Canada in correctional facilities....

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Personality disorder and DSM (IV)

The Case of Tiffany The case of Tiffany is a psychiatric disorder and, in particular, a personality disorder from the knowledge given. DSM (IV) describes personality disorders as lasting patterns of inner actions and experience with others. If it meets the following criteria, a disorder is said to be a personality...

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Overview in Therapy

There are different approaches to treat psychiatric conditions From therapy to medicine, each of these strategies has its own strengths and limitations that make them applicable in different situations. There is the risk of over-prescription of medications or a mismatch of the medication approach with the diagnosis due to the essence...

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Disorder of the autism spectrum (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) A term used to refer to a category of developmental disabilities is Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is also known as ASD. These developmental disabilities are characterized by speech and social contact difficulties and small and repeated activities in a person (Lord, Cook, Leventhal & Amaral, 2013). In...

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Psychological Disorders in the FLIGHT by Denzel Washington

As a result of alcoholism, Captain William "Whip" Whitaker is dealing with psychiatric disorders. The first major psychological problem suffered by Whip is substance abuse. Whips shows a variety of symptoms in light of the DSM guidelines for this psychiatric condition. Next, he frequently consumes alcohol, leaving him unable to...

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Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder affects children and young adults who are distressing particularly in a social setting and hinder a person's social tolerance. Individuals with social anxiety disorders are facing intrinsic difficulties in a social setting that needs personal contact, evaluation or attention. In any case, however, it indicates the patient's expectation...

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Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders (OCRDs)

Hearing disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder), body dysmorphic disorder, and exoriation (skin-picking) disorder are obsessive-compulsive and associated disorders (OCRDs). Past research suggests that between OCD and the remaining conditions there is a substantial similarity. As such, these diseases are classified into one group. The categories of OCRDs have...

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Psychiatric Disorders

Positive and Negative Consequences of Clinical Diagnosis There are both positive and negative consequences of clinical diagnosis. On the positive hand, it offers advice on the best moves to be taken for stability and well-being. However, considering the guidance provided in the DSM 5, diagnosis is not liable for giving incorrect...

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Suicide and Depression

Depression refers to a psychiatric condition that affects an individual's moods and behaviors. Depression, depending on the cause and personality of the patient, may be moderate or severe (Tebbe & Moradi 2016). Many people experience depressive symptoms, but since few people attend clinical diagnosis psychiatric sessions, they are not conscious....

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Panic disorder

The anxiety condition notorious for surprising panic attacks can be described as a panic disorder. It is an acute time of sudden panic that can lead to trembling, sweating, and shortness of breath. Within minutes, the optimum degree can be attained. Potential Triggers Any forms of panic disorder are inherited...

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Psychological Disorders in film: Analysis of Sterile Cuckoo

Sterile Cuckoo is an American comedy film by Paramount Pictures that was released in 1969. The film tells the story of two young couples who have experienced indifference and inadequacy in their relationship. In particular, the Sterile Cuckoo movie is based on two main characters, Mary Ann Pookie and Jerry...

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