Essays on Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder in "A Rose for Emily"

The characters in Faulkner's 1958 book "A Rose for Emily" are situated in the South's historical development and subsequent degeneration. The narrative centers on Emily Grierson during the Civil War and a time of physical, social, and economic decadence in the neighborhood. At that point, Faulkner concentrates on Emily's existence...

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Bipolar Disorder is a Mental Illness

times of elevated mood and times of depression alternate during bipolar disorder, a mental illness. Bipolar illness is a mood disorder that is characterized by unusual emotions, inadequate sleep, and abrupt changes in behavior. Social factors, genetic components, life events, relationship-related issues, and psychological disturbances are thought to be the...

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Bipolar Disorder diagnosis in children

It is hard to know if a child will have bipolar disorder before they are born. A doctor's evaluation is typically required to diagnose bipolar disorder, and the kid must be at least two years old. (Elliott 2015). The parents will be questioned by the doctor about their child's sleep...

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Patients with Bipolar Disorder

The decision in this case was to treat the patient for bipolar 1 illness. The treatment for bipolar 1 illness is mostly determined by the patient's symptoms. Bipolar 1 is characterized with one or more manic or mixed mania episodes, according to the American Psychiatric Association (2002). We may deduce...

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Bipolar Disorder Drug Treatment

Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar disorder and is a psychiatric disorder that is characterized by extreme periods of depression and high moods. Elevated moods are more energetic and active than normal, whereas periods of depression include weeping and sadness, negativity, modesty, or unpleasant social ways. There are forms...

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