Essays on Hearing Loss

The problem of age related hearing loss

The condition of age-related hearing loss, commonly known as (presbycusis), affects people as they get older. This is one of the most serious issues that elderly people encounter in their lives. According to studies, one out of every three persons in the United States has a hearing issue by the...

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The tympanic membrane

The tympanic membrane, often known as the eardrum, is an important element of the human ear. It is made by a thin layer of soft tissues situated between the outer and middle ear. The tympanic membrane is 0.1mm thick and 9mm wide, with a weight of roughly 14 mg (Kitazawa...

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Acute Otitis Media Adult Vs. Children

While acute otitis media has historically been seen to be a childhood illness, it frequently affects adults and even the elderly. Yet, the two groups of individuals have a distinct clinical range, as shown by their signs and symptoms. Adults are mostly characterized by mass growth of the adenoids and...

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Hearing Loss and Helen Keller - Finding Inspiration from the Icon

Bouton, in this article, examines the position played by Keller towards the deaf and blind community. The creator proposes that it is Keller’s own deaf-blind nature that inspired her to champion for the patients with such challenges. The rates included in the article can be appropriate in helping tackle and...

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