Essays on Suicide

In your suicide essay, you can share your outlook on suicide and share other people's views on this problem as well. Suicide essays often include statistics on the current rate of suicide. Presently, about 800 000 people die due to suicide annually. Research shows that historically human development, technological progress, accumulation, and spread of information did not always go hand in hand with an increase in people's satisfaction with life and their happiness. Essays on suicide often contain information on the fact that people who commit suicide usually suffer from severe anxiety, stress, and mental illnesses. They feel unable to cope with their problems but often find it very hard to reach out for help. Take a peek at our suicide essay samples for more info. Essay samples below will provide some valid points you would be smart to include in your essays on suicide.

Suicide Prevention and Intervention in Schools

A well-trained crisis and safety crisis response team plays a significant role in identifying and intervening with suicidal students. Recognizing and acting upon suicidal thinking and behaviors is an ethical and legal duty of the school personnel (Reamer, 2014). For Tammy, her case is better since she is courageous and...

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The picture of how my friend committed self-murder

The image of how my friend committed self-murder is still vivid and agonizing in my memory to this day. After school on a Friday, I went to see how Mark was doing at his house as usual. As the loud music greeted me from a distance, something seemed out of...

Words: 281

Pages: 2

Written Task/ Newspaper Article about Othello’s Death – Act 5

Othello will serve as my chosen point of emphasis in this essay. I want to investigate his temperamental and judging nature, which led him to murder his wife Desdemona and then commit suicide after learning that his motivation for doing so was a fabricated accusation by his friend Lago. In...

Words: 1143

Pages: 5

Indicators of serious suicide tries among the Gay, Bisexual, and Lesbian youth

Among young gay, bisexual, and lesbian people, Anthony R. D'Augelli, Arnold H. Grossman, and Katerina O. Sinclair looked at signs of severe suicide attempts. The study focused on three categories of young people: those who reported no suicide attempts, those who reported attempts unrelated to their sexual orientation, and those...

Words: 1280

Pages: 5

Dunbar and the Dancing Wolves of the Dakota Plains

As it corrects the excesses of the tales that came before it with touching displays of all parties engaged in the story, the film "Dancing with the Wolves" spins a beautiful tale on the traditional old American frontier story. In essence, from a man who attempts suicide on a journey...

Words: 741

Pages: 3

Physician Assisted Suicide of Brittany Maynard

Brittany Maynard, a recently married 29-year-old woman, committed suicide. Her death, however, cannot be classified as suicide. Brittany had fatal brain cancer (grade four astrocytoma or glioblastoma), which condemned her to death and gave her only six months to live (Duke, 2014). Brittany was going to endure a time of terrible...

Words: 1739

Pages: 7

South Africa high risk for suicidal ideation

Pregnant women in South Africa (SA) are at a significant risk of suicide ideation. According to a paper published by Gelaye et al., an estimated 100 deaths occurred in South Africa in 2015. (Gelaye et al p.7, 2016). This rate is higher than the rates recorded in Europe and North...

Words: 2351

Pages: 9

US Suicide Rate Research

Suicide is one of the many issues plaguing the public health sector in the United States, affecting people of all ages, genders, religions, and races. Suicide is believed to be the tenth leading cause of death in America, with over 40 thousand people dying from this cause each year (National...

Words: 986

Pages: 4

David Emile Durkheim book: Suicide, A study in sociology

This book, written by a pioneering sociologist, is one that is frequently used to teach and apply sociological concepts. The book, which was initially published in 1897, is regarded as the main source for a thorough examination of subjects relating to suicide and its social causes. Additionally, it was the...

Words: 1591

Pages: 6

Depression: History of the Problem

One of the most prevalent mental illnesses in Europe, depression is also one of the most expensive and unnecessarily painful for the societies it affects. Currently, depression is the biggest factor leading to suicide. The key strategies for preventing and dealing with depression and suicide include the promotion of good...

Words: 552

Pages: 3

The Pros and Cons of Euthanasia

Physician-assisted suicide (PAS), also known as euthanasia, has become increasingly popular in many countries, including Australia. To maintain citizen trust in government, the government should consider some of the common issues that have a negative impact on society or are perceived differently by citizens. Even if euthanasia is a wise...

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Pages: 6

Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide, or euthanasia as it is commonly known, has been the subject of debate and rebuttal for several years, and it, like any other contentious issue, has supporters and opponents depending on how people perceive it. Assisted suicide is a procedure in which a terminally ill patient's life is...

Words: 1597

Pages: 6

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