Essays on Suicide

In your suicide essay, you can share your outlook on suicide and share other people's views on this problem as well. Suicide essays often include statistics on the current rate of suicide. Presently, about 800 000 people die due to suicide annually. Research shows that historically human development, technological progress, accumulation, and spread of information did not always go hand in hand with an increase in people's satisfaction with life and their happiness. Essays on suicide often contain information on the fact that people who commit suicide usually suffer from severe anxiety, stress, and mental illnesses. They feel unable to cope with their problems but often find it very hard to reach out for help. Take a peek at our suicide essay samples for more info. Essay samples below will provide some valid points you would be smart to include in your essays on suicide.

The Pros and Cons of Euthanasia

Physician-assisted suicide (PAS), also known as euthanasia, has become increasingly popular in many countries, including Australia. To maintain citizen trust in government, the government should consider some of the common issues that have a negative impact on society or are perceived differently by citizens. Even if euthanasia is a wise…

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Pages: 6

Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide, or euthanasia as it is commonly known, has been the subject of debate and rebuttal for several years, and it, like any other contentious issue, has supporters and opponents depending on how people perceive it. Assisted suicide is a procedure in which a terminally ill patient’s life is…

Words: 1597

Pages: 6

Psychology of Losing Child to Suicide Grief Bereavement

The death of a child, especially one who commits suicide, is detrimental to the lives of parents. Bereaved parents often suffer symptoms of depression, are poorly cared for, have health problems and experience marital turbulence. Dissolving the bond with their child induces extreme distress and produces negative loss-related feelings. For…

Words: 600

Pages: 3

Suicide and Depression

Depression refers to a psychiatric condition that affects an individual’s moods and behaviors. Depression, depending on the cause and personality of the patient, may be moderate or severe (Tebbe & Moradi 2016). Many people experience depressive symptoms, but since few people attend clinical diagnosis psychiatric sessions, they are not conscious….

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Measures that are Unobtrusive

In the clinical cases, Dr. Paul Ekman studies on deception, some patients lied that they were not depressed and were able to commit suicide when not supervised. The micro-facial gestures, however, showed their powerful feelings. The patients presented false data that occurs too frequently when people try to hide their…

Words: 303

Pages: 2


Is there any time I’ve ever contemplated committing suicide? Regrettably, yes. I sit in that corner every minute, suicidal feelings strike me, begging for transformation and change. Apparently, I’m alive every day, and I ask myself, what if I jumped on the street one day? All I need to do…

Words: 750

Pages: 3

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