Essays on Mental Illness

Mental Health App Market Analysis

Research on mHealth App Adoption Research has shown that mental health illness accounts for about 33% of the world s disability among adults; an aspect that challenges both the wellbeing of a population and burdens the economy. As a result, numerous solutions have been proposed, over the years, in an attempt...

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Effects of Stigma on Mental Illness

Exploring the Effect of Stigma on the Family of Someone with a Mental Health Illness and How it Impacts on Relationships Introduction Mental illness is one of the burdens for some families in the society (Arditti, 2015, p.33). The well-being of people with mental illness (PWMI) and their family members can be...

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Increasing Mental Health Awareness in Minority Communities

Although mental illness does not discriminate, the modern health care services in the United States favor individuals that belong to specific groups in the community as they may receive treatment at significantly lower rates. Some of the minority communities in the US that have been affected by these vices include...

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Culture Perception of Body Image and Eating Disorders

Research findings have suggest that eating disorders are “culture-bound syndromes” in which the sign and symptoms of a disorder reflect a social pressure from different culture (Abram et al. 1993, p.50). China has for some time having experienced the social transition from a traditional society to modern society (Lee and...

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Trauma Informed Care and Practice

Study findings for a couple of years have been crucial in improving the healthcare services through informed care and practice. However, the results of the findings can only be of importance if they are translated and implemented into informed care and nursing practice. In retrospect, nursing is crucial facets of...

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Psychological Assessment

For each test or a measurement to be considered accurate, it has to be both reliable and valid. This is done by assigning scores to a test for the first results and conducting the test again to assess the consistency of it. For each test to be ruled as being...

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Depression Treatment Options

Depression - A Serious Mental Health Issue Depression is a serious mental health issue that affects millions of people across the world. The World Health Organization ranks depression as the most prevalent cause of disability worldwide. The condition interferes with people's social functioning and if necessary interventions are not taken, it...

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Suicidal Behaviour Prevalence in Veterans Diagnosed with PTSD

IntroductionSuicidal behavior, which includes repeated thoughts and feelings of ending one’s life (suicide ideation); the actual incident of trying to end one’s life (suicide attempt); or ending one’s life (completed suicide), is more prevalent in veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and other psychiatric disorders like depression and...

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The Role of Stress in Students

Stress is a mental illness that is related to excessive social media usage, internet addiction, and many social life issues. It affects human behavior in a negative way and creates the unpleasant situation. This paper is about stress, its causes, and symptom in students and individuals. It talks about the...

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The Case of Karen Singer's Son

The case of Karen Singer’s son indicates the challenges that children with disability face in public schools. The report shows that teenagers that have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) require special attention to improve their learning capabilities. The minors need various treatments from a behavioral therapist that trains communication skills, academic...

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Asperger Syndrome in Parenthood

Psychological Problems and Asperger Syndrome Psychological problems affect both children and adults and make it difficult for them to have social interactions. There are different mental disorders and each one manifests itself in different ways. Asperger syndrome is one of the mental disorders that affect both children and adults. The DSM...

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The Concept of Prejudice

Prejudice Prejudice can be referred to as an unjustified negative attitude towards an individual or group of people. For example, a person may hold prejudice opinions about a given group of people based on tribe or race, their perceived eating habits, cultural practices among others. Prejudice can also be said to...

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