The Housing Crisis in New York

The housing crisis in New York has been an issue of immense concern since it has been worsening in the recent years. Individuals living in the urban centers have been experiencing displacement and gentrification, and the fact has created adverse impacts on the lives of individuals and the economy of...

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The Causes of Financial Crisis

A financial crisis, is a situation in which the money supply gets outpaced by the demand for money. It means that liquidity gets evaporated quickly due to withdrawal of money from the bank. The situation forces the bank to either sell other sell other investments or let it be and...

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The Debt Crisis in Latin America

Latin America has endured years of debt crises associated with Toxic past, liberalization of financial markets and unanticipated shocks. No matter how realistic debt relief is, it is always viewed as risky to international financial systems and the debtor countries are coerced to repay higher interests on historical loans without...

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Difference between Risk and Crisis Management

Defining or even distinguishing between the two words, risk management and crisis management, can be very difficult. The two words are frequently used interchangeably, even by those in the highest managerial positions, despite the fact that their usage and definition are completely different. The word "crisis management" is used to...

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The failure and crisis of caregiving which has subdued the Veterans Health

The Veterans Health Administration's failure and caregiving problem may not be managed by raising the quantity of resources or by hiring more nurses and doctors. (Powell-Young, Baker & Hogan, 2006). Even though more resources might seem essential and crucial, they cannot provide comprehensive or adequate long-term solutions to the problems...

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Definition of Crisis Management

No matter how well the company is run during normal business conditions, crises are large-scale, unexpected, severe negative developments that are very likely to cause immediate chaos. (Warjas, 2002). It poses a real risk to a company's success, standing, image, and occasionally even survival. As a result, disasters have the...

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The Iran hostage crisis

A political impasse existed between Iran and the United States during the hostage situation in Iran. Over fifty Americans, including American diplomats, were held captive during this Crisis by a group of Muslim Iranian students. When this Crisis occurred in November 1979, Jimmy Carter was the American president. President Carter...

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The Crisis Management

In any company or industry, a problem will eventually arise. Any event that disrupts an organization's operations to the point where losses are highly likely to occur and its image is also affected can be referred to as a crisis. Therefore, it is essential for management or managers to implement...

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Forcier in Venezuela

Venezuela's situation might be described as a humanitarian crisis because so much has happened during the election period in 2016. Poverty has increased, the economy has depreciated, and the political crisis has worsened. With this in mind, this country ranks as one of the worst in South America (Fraser& Barbara,...

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Venezuela’s Crisis Explained

What are the primary causes of the crisis in Venezuela and what is the position of Nicholas Maduro's government with regard to the issue as described in the YouTube films "Venezuela's Crisis Explained" and "Top 10 Facts about Venezuela Crisis"? What does he mean when he declares "the state of...

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Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion and NASA

An organization's ability to handle a crisis can be significantly impacted by effective crisis communication tactics. Agencies struggle to find ways to communicate both internally and externally in the absence of a crisis communication plan that is effective. An organization's reputation may be significantly impacted by how it responds to...

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About NASA's Public Relations after the Space Challenger Explosion

An organization's ability to handle a crisis can be greatly impacted by good crisis communication tactics. Organizations struggle to discover ways to communicate internally and externally in the absence of a crisis communication plan that works. An organization's reputation can be significantly impacted by how it responds to a crisis....

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