Forcier in Venezuela

Venezuela's situation might be described as a humanitarian crisis because so much has happened during the election period in 2016. Poverty has increased, the economy has depreciated, and the political crisis has worsened. With this in mind, this country ranks as one of the worst in South America (Fraser& Barbara,...

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Venezuela’s Crisis Explained

What are the primary causes of the crisis in Venezuela and what is the position of Nicholas Maduro's government with regard to the issue as described in the YouTube films "Venezuela's Crisis Explained" and "Top 10 Facts about Venezuela Crisis"? What does he mean when he declares "the state of...

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Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion and NASA

An organization's ability to handle a crisis can be significantly impacted by effective crisis communication tactics. Agencies struggle to find ways to communicate both internally and externally in the absence of a crisis communication plan that is effective. An organization's reputation may be significantly impacted by how it responds to...

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About NASA's Public Relations after the Space Challenger Explosion

An organization's ability to handle a crisis can be greatly impacted by good crisis communication tactics. Organizations struggle to discover ways to communicate internally and externally in the absence of a crisis communication plan that works. An organization's reputation can be significantly impacted by how it responds to a crisis....

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The case study of the Hanston township dilemma

The case reveals that Hanston Township has had an unexpected surge of new people, which has necessitated a number of changes. alterations in the fields of health, housing, education, and culture. In relation to city services, there have also been some obvious modifications. The mayor is aware of this inversion...

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Naomi Klein's Book Review

Naomi Klein has decided to explore the planet events following an economic crisis in the last four decades. In her book, Klein explained the varied human-made shocks that are basically to create confusion among people and to also offer room for a novel policy. Klein provides an example of Milton...

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Mortage Meltdown in America

Between 2007 and 2010 the subprime mortgage crisis occurred and was characterized by a widespread national banking emergency due to a massive drop in house prices as a result of the collapse of house bubbles. During the recession, residential investments fell and this impacted investment in companies. A higher interest-rate...

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Financial crisis

After the Great Depression of the 1930's, the global financial crisis is considered among the worst in the world. The major causes of this crisis were the credit market imbalances contributing to the popularity of subprime lending, the unregulated nature of financial developments and weak lending by Fannie Mae and...

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Flint, Michigan water Problem

The people of Flint, Michigan came to the realization more than a year ago that their water was contaminated with toxic levels of lead. Lead is a naturally occurring metal found in the crust of the earth. This accumulates into toxicity, thus becoming harmful to the health of a person,...

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Elements of Crisis Intervention

The physical and emotional reaction to an overwhelming event or a series of events can be described as a crisis. There are elements that describe and identify the situation when a crisis happens, and then ways to alleviate or eliminate such a situation entirely. This paper is a reactionary essay...

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World War II Internment of Japanese-Americans: Wartime Necessity or Constitutional Crisis?

In the wake of the Japanese Imperial Naval and Air Powers' attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, there was considerable fear in America that the Japanese would not stop at Hawaii and that their eventual strategy was an invasion of the United States' West Coast. As a result of...

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