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Housing Redlining

Discrimination is a term that has been used to describe various forms of ill-treatment of humans and their reaction against what the society calls morals. This is no difference in the color of law; the forgotten history of The government. Redlining is the ability of the society to deny certain...

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Demand for Housing in the United Kingdom

Demand for housing in the United Kingdom is determined by a lot of factors for example house prices. There is an inverse relationship between the house prices, and demand. The inverse relationship can be compared to that of goods. The inverse relationship of housing can be demonstrated using the income...

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Sustainable Housing and Building

The impact of global warming has been felt, and everyone is worried about the future of the world. In the building and construction industry, there have been concerns on Sustainable housing and building to comply with the need to protect the environment and thus minimize the effect of climate change...

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The Impact of the Mortgage Rates and Taxes on the Housing Market

In the business environments, macroeconomics involves external factors which affect the business along with resource allocation. On the other hand, microeconomics concerns aspects associated with the availability of resources, their usage and how they influence individuals and the organization at large. Hence, understanding the microeconomic factors within the business is...

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House Price Inflation in UK

Working with Data on House Prices Review Questions 1. Reliable house pricing data is more important for public and private organizations in UK than in other countries for housing constitutes a significant proportion of the entire household belongings. In countries like UK, housing is regarded as the yardstick...

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Institutional racism

Housing discrimination and institutional racism date back to the period following the conclusion of the Civil War. The infamous Jim Crow Laws were implemented following the conflict. These rules prohibited discrimination based on race and ethnicity. Disability discrimination tended to be more severe if a person was African American. Because...

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Economic bubbles and why they occur

Bubbles are brief economic periods in which asset prices rise. In this case, everyone experiences the euphoria of wealth and follows the same road as everyone else. A housing bubble, for example, can form, as happened during the financial crisis. The financial sector made owning a home appear so appealing...

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The economy of America after the Great Depression

Despite the fact that the Great Recession ended in 2009, the majority of Americans are out of work or are unable to find full-time employment. There are still instances of shaky housing prices and economic disparity. European investors are concerned about the stability of their currency, and the US stock...

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Development appraisal

A development appraisal is a critical component of any development project. It entails a financial feasibility test in which the ability of a project to pay its financial responsibilities while assuring appropriate site value for the landowner and an appealing return for the developer is assessed. A development evaluation can...

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Can I afford to buy a house in LA? What Salary to Purchase a Home in LA?

Can I Afford to Buy a House in Los Angeles? 'What Salary to Buy a House in LA?' by David Rae discusses obtaining a home in Los Angeles at the lowest possible cost. According to the author, the inconsistent prices of the Los Angeles real estate market have a significant...

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Geopolitical Community in California

I live in Roseville, California, a suburb of Sacramento, California's state capital. We are fairly centrally positioned, east of San Francisco and bordered by the world's greatest rice growers, as well as northwest of one of the nation's largest fruit and vegetable growing areas. The community serves as a gateway...

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Policy on House Price Issue in Australian Capital Cities

House prices in Australia's big cities are among the most expensive in the world, with the average house price to household income in Sydney hitting 8.5 in 2016. As a result, many Australians are finding it incredibly difficult to buy their first home, with home ownership among persons aged 25-34...

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