The Socially and Ethically Responsible Behavior of Mattel

Many people have come up to gauge themselves regarding the best choice of methods which the community can use so that they keep children safe. The most probably best answer is that the society must be well-informed and mindful about the stuff that children are bought for. The society has...

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Galaxy Toys SWOT Analysis

Galaxy Toys is a toy manufacturing firm specializing in space-related toys. The company has been in business for sixty years and has established itself as an industry leader in the manufacturing and sale of toys. Galaxy Inc has been able to achieve and sustain exceptional growth in both sales and...

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Galaxy Toys Inc. is implementing and evaluating the future.

This assignment paper investigates the implementation and evaluation of the future at Galaxy Toys, Inc. It covers the organizing, directing, and controlling functions (P-O-L-C). The case study will involve looking at the Galaxy Toys, Inc. manufacturing floor via the organization function lens, developing an organizational chart, and analyzing...

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society and gender: toys in stores

After entering the business, I thought back to my early years. The only thing that had changed about the store's layout was the presence of nicer toys that reminded me of the toys I used to play with as a child. The different areas were clearly divided into boy's and...

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Role of toys in children development

Playing toys is considered as an important ingredient in the growth of the children as they have interaction with the world around them. Therefore, the kind of toys selected influences the life of the youngsters in different ways. The following suggestions are of paramount significance when deciding on a toy. Most...

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