The Satisfaction of Londoners with Amsterdam

The research employed both quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis. The quantitative approach gave the statistics regarding the topic in question. The qualitative research focused on some of the reasons and opinions of the people regarding the tourism issue (Binkhorst and Den Dekker 2009, p. 311). The...

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Smart Cities Approach in Barcelona

The chapter shall analyze different smart city approaches that are used for the modernization of four urban areas which are London, Barcelona, and Bangalore. London and Barcelona have developed economies, while India and Bangalore are developing economies, hence the results of the analysis are expected to be different in terms...

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Comparison of Smart Cities in London and Barcelona: A Case Study

London practices bottom-up with a networked-driven collaboration between organizations. Also, London Changed the mayor which altered the ‘smart’ strategy in London by prioritizing social inequality projects. . Current Smart Metropolitan Transitions London underwent transition from multi-stakeholder approach to Citizen Sensing Current Smart City-Regional Transitions The city...

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Smart Cities

For any city to be denoted as a smart city, there is the need for such a town to be used in infrastructure, technology, marketing among others. In other words, a smart town requires proper planning. Looking at the whole world, there is consistency in rural to urban migration. People...

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Socrates' Analogy of the Soul and the City

In Plato’s Republic IV: Justice in the City, Justice in the Soul In Plato’s Republic IV: Justice in the City, Justice in the Soul, the author compares the city to the soul. He divides the city into three parts including wisdom, courage, and moderation, while the three elements of the soul...

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Sanctuary Cities and Immigration Policy

This article presents and examines the looming immigration policy to be enacted by President Donald Trump. The President uses the word “sanctuary” with disgust to refer to cities such as New York City for welcoming; shielding and supporting immigrants of whom he believes should be deported to their countries. Furthermore,...

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The Ethnical Concentration in Cabramatta Suburb

Cabramatta is a popular suburb situated towards the western sides of New South Wales, Australia. The Cabramatta suburb falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Fairfield. The popularity of Cabramatta is due to its ethnic diversity. In general, Australia has been described as one of the most ethnically diverse...

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The History of New York City

How was the city settled? Think back to when the city was first created and named. According to Sanderson (2013), native people such as the Canarsees and Lenape were the first occupant of the city and Europeans started exploring the city in 1500’s. It was first named “Nieuw Nederland" by the...

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The Impact of Ethnic Residential Concentration in Cabramatta

Cabramatta is a suburb that is situated in the south-west of Sydney, New South Wales. There is an increase in rates of both permanent and temporary immigration with different religions, and at the different geographical location, which has resulted in the people of a minority like the immigrants to reshape...

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Identifying the nicknames of the cities of Detroit, Phoenix, Indianapolis and San Antonio

Most cities in the United States can be classified based on their nicknames as their identities. These nicknames, which are related to activities, history and main features of the cities are important in revealing their identities. Behind the nicknames are descriptions of the real situation and events that go down...

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The New Academy Estates in Boston

Insufficient Funding in the Community Most of the time, there is insufficient funding in the community to support and provide for the residents, youths, and the significant activities in the society. Health care activities and parenthood also require adequate funding so that there is sufficient and proper growth in the community....

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The City of Colorado

The city of Colorado has a long historical background that indicates a place that was once an open ground of little significance. Based on the ancient photographs, it is clear that the city of Colorado was established through a communal work as depicted by images of families working in groups....

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