Comparative Review of the Social Services in Toronto and Vancouver

Vancouver and Toronto are two of Canada's most populous and progressive cities. Vancouver, a city in Ontario, has a population of 2.4 million people, more than half of whom speak English, and is well-known among tourists and immigrants. Toronto, on the other hand, is a metropolis in British Columbia with...

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Social Life in Dallas

Over cities, towns, and suburbs, an urban region is occupied with human settlement and advanced infrastructure. Dallas is the most populous and one of the most developed cities in northern Texas, set on the rolling prairies (US News 2017). Dallas has grown as a destination for immigrants from Mexico, Europe,...

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The Cocoa city located in Brevard County, Florida

Despite its rich heritage, Cocoa, located in Brevard County, Florida, is one of the world's most underappreciated cities. According to the 2010 United States Census, the city had a population of about 17,140 inhabitants. The urban center can be found at the coordinates 28°22′10′′N 80°44′38′′W. According to the United States...

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Comparing and Contrasting City Life to Country Life

People live in a variety of ways. Country life and city life are two distinct ways of life. The two differ in terms of housing costs, work opportunities, and the general climate. These distinctions can lead people to believe that city life is superior to country life, and vice versa....

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Suburbs and City Planning

Suburbs are mostly outlying rural district areas within cities. Suburban neighborhoods are made up of suburban neighbourhoods located within commuting distance to towns. This clearly indicates that residential communities can be located on the outskirts of towns. A physical contrast of the outlook of a residential area and a community...

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Wake Forest Town should Reconsider Building many Affordable Housings

Housing is one of the most important needs that all human beings have, and hence everyone is entitled to it. According to widely agreed rules, everyone, regardless of where they live on the planet, has the right to adequate housing (shelter). The position of government, both state and federal in...

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Project on Local Organizational Activism

The most critical social issue in Springfield is the lack of proper care in older homes. The majority of poorly maintained homes have old and rusty appliances, leaky roofs, poorly ventilated rooms, inadequate ventilation, rotten wood, crumbled bricks, and flaked-off plaster, all of which make it difficult for the inhabitants...

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Contrast and Comparison Essay

At some point in life, one is likely to find himself or herself in a situation where the person is forced either willfully or unwillingly to select between living in a big city or staying in the rural areas. What follows is that one of the most debated topics entail...

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Energy Vulnerability in the Grain of the City

Stefan Bouzarovski and Harriet Thomson's "Energy Vulnerability in the Grain of the City: Toward Neighborhood Typologies of Material Deprivation" This article's main topic is energy poverty, which is defined as the inability to obtain a certain level of energy services in one's home. The study of fuel poverty has sparked interest...

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Rodent Infestation

Over the last two years, the rodent population in Boston has increased by more than 28 percent, with the city showing a 28 percent rise since 2014. Although the problem affects all parts of the city, it seems to be more pronounced in areas populated by the less affluent. The...

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The Island of Long City

The economic downturn of the 20th century has been going on for many years. The city that once was known as an industrial area packed only with warehouses and taxi depots in the last two decades has changed significantly (Menberg et al. 9748). In the city's beachfront, many professionals looking...

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Atlanta's Traffic Problem

A few days in Atlanta is all it takes to realize the serious transportation issues that the city's residents face. In Atlanta, being stuck in traffic is now a common occurrence, and residents are ignoring the proposal to promote public transportation. On INRIX's global list of the top ten cities...

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