economy and business professional practice

As the retail sales manager of two London stores, I was engaged in passport operations. I provided customer support by participating in face-to-face transactions and training my sales agents on how to produce the highest sales results by inspiring them. I was in charge of logistics, which included making sure…

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walter sickert’s secret life

Patricia Cornwell’s crime mystery The Novel Ripper: The Hidden Life of Walter Sickert is a critically acclaimed piece of fiction. It’s an interesting expose of one of the most chilling serial murder cases in London during the 1880s. Cornwell has pending evidence that can be used to implicate one of…

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London Drawing Room

Paintings play a key function in bringing George Eliot’s message across providing tangible feelings and principles in the poem. In a London Drawingroom uses concrete imagery giving the reader descriptive scenery to imagine. It shows as an alternative the readers what is happening instead of just telling it. This creates…

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Sex in The Canterbury Tales

Sex is a major theme in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer approaches the subject by vividly explaining who has sex, who does not, how people continue to get it, and the consequences. Given the age gap between Alison and John, the story implies that a young person is an…

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Thomas Gainsborough Painting

Thomas Gainsborough managed to persuade his father to support him to study portray in London at the age of 13. Conceding to the plea, the father allowed him, and Thomas went to apprentice with a French Illustrator, Hubert Gravelot, whose experience with Rococo artwork greatly influenced Thomas’ apprenticeship. By the…

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Douglas Wright’s Choreographic Style

Douglas Wright originated from Tuakau and was once born in 1956, Southern Auckland. In the early 1980s, he joined the Limbs Dance Company and later joined the Paul Taylor Company and later DV8 Physical Theatre in London in the late 1980s. Douglas has managed to come up with over 30…

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The Symphony Orchestra in London

On September 14th at 7:30pm, 10-day orchestra nights was organized by Barbican. It featured local and international Classical music. This program brought the best orchestras and international artists to London. Staged orchestras, operas and contemporary compositions were some of the wonders of music seen in this concert. The aim of…

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