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The Background of the Russian/Ukraine Crisis

The Russian/Ukraine crisis is known to the turning point of the security in Euro-Atlantic. Since it came as a surprise, a few senior Western politicians and officials have debated about the change of the European security landscape and how both crises developed new security realities in the 20th century due...

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Russia has undertaken a media, economic, financial, and military campaign against Ukraine. Since the beginning of these conflicts in 2014, over 5,500 Ukrainians have died, and the scale of the humanitarian crisis is growing by the day. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a military assault on the grounds that the...

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The Future of Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine: A Country of Rich Culture and Natural BeautyUkraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It borders Russia on the east and the northeast and spans 600,000 square kilometres. It is home to more than 30 million people and is a former Soviet republic. The country is known for...

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A Brief Overview of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, bordering the Russian Federation to the east and northeast. The country has a total area of 600,000 square kilometers and was the eighth-most populous in Europe in pre-war times. The population was approximately 41 million. Its capital, Kiev, is the largest city in...

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