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The decision-making processes

The discussion in this assignment will be focused on discussing the various forms of decision-making processes and how they operate, and how information systems help decision-making processes and managers’ activities. The role of business analytics and intelligence systems in decision-making. Finally, how business intelligence is used by various corporate decision-making…

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Compare of Germany and Poland Christian Religion

This research paper examines the comparison and contrast of Christian religious beliefs and practices between Germany and Poland. It appears at the various dimensions of relevance the Germans and the people of Poland assign themselves to religion in their everyday lives, and it also explores their views and opinions of…

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Colonialism in Togo

Like every other European colony, Togo came into contact with the first Germans, who came to the country about 1847 as missionaries. Their relationship grew as the number of Germans rose in the coastal area of the offshore Anecho (Esteves 50-52). Bismarck then agreed to bring the three west coasts…

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Low Birth Rate in Germany

Many developing countries are currently reporting low birth rates, and Germany is one of the world’s lowest-birth-rate countries. The death rate is higher than the birth rate, which is concerning. Many governments in developed countries have been devising strategies to address the numerous social and economic challenges posed by the…

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President Woodrow Wilson and the World War I

Woodrow Wilson, the founding president of the United States of America, is known for his most famous expression, “war to end all wars.” He used the term assuming that the defeat of Germany would have ended World War I. When World War I started, several countries believed it would be…

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Germany and its issues with ethnic conflicts

Since before the First World War, many ethnic groups have settled in German. The Turks, who make up most of the population, are joined by Arabs who have converted to Islam. German has had several problems. The national identity war that existed in the late 1980s is one of them….

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Blue Rider Painting

Blue Rider is a agency of artists based in Germany who played a principal role in the development o summary art. A painting in the AIC is considered as a Blue Rider (Der Balue Reiter) if it is created through artists in Germany especially those who promoted summary art. Specifically,…

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Legalization of Prostitution

Prostitution is widely considered to be the oldest profession on the planet. Regardless of the flattering title, prostitution has always been a contentious topic. In the United States, prostitution is prohibited. Prostitution is legal in some countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. As a result, different perspectives on…

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Arguments that are deductive, inductive, valid, and invalid

1. The argument in favor of German-made automobiles is deductive and sound. Given the fact that not all automobiles are made in Germany, it is true that some automobiles are made in Germany. 2. The second assertion is deductive. It is assumed that Liz is one of the 85 percent…

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All about Romanticism

Unlike its precursors, Romanticism emphasizes more on individualism, imagination and energized art. Originated in 18th century, Romanticism though closely linked to love, focuses more on a wide array of ideas with love as a regular feature. Expression of selves independently was brought in by Romanticism. It all started in Germany…

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Helene Bertha Amalie Riefenstahl

Leni Riefenstahl retaining her aesthetic professionalism was her main job no matter being the critic as an agonist guided by ambition that takes handle things for personal benefit and neglects the ethical consequences of the situation. Riefenstahl claims that her art used to be not meant for propaganda as a…

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Germany and Russia clashed on the opposing sides during the Second World War

During the Second World War, the competing forces fought against Germany and Russia. Under Hitler’s rule, Germany attacked, which was the source of the war’s course and order. Russia used Stalingrad as the hub of contact during the battle. The town was, therefore, very important to the government. On the…

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