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Germany – a democratic parliamentary state

Germany has been a democratic parliamentary state since 1949, but due to reunification in 1990, it now consists of around 16 federal states. Furthermore, it has a total size of around 357,022 square kilometers. With 82 million people, Germany is the most populous country in Europe. Germany currently has a…

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Music History view by franz brendel

Franz Brendel was a journalist, musicologist, and critic who was born in Stolberg, Germany. He researched, taught, and wrote various histories of European music in 1846. Brendel established the new German School in 1859, where he used several German music styles. Because of his conservatism, he was the most well-known…

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Berlin hosts a display on the Nazi era

The Topography of Terror offers significant exhibits from Berlin’s Nazi era. Numerous elements of the behavior and rise of the Nazi party have stood out the most as a result of these exhibitions. Most importantly, it is clear that the global economic crisis that Germany experienced beginning in 1929 played…

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Aachen’s Palatine Chapel

The Palatine Chapel is the sole survivor of Charlemagne’s Palace of Aachen’s early medieval chapel, which is located in what is now Germany. the chapel in the palace where the monarch lived. Many of the early emperors associated with the Catholic Church constructed one or more churches in their palaces,…

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about ludwig hohlwein

In the year 1874, Ludwig Hohlwein was born in Germany. He trained as an architect during his formative years, practicing up to 1906. At this point, he decided to become a poster designer as a profession. Ludwig was able to artistically combine the use of color with architecture while comprehending…

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Public Relations

With its promotional efforts on railroads and industry, Nazi Germany’s employment of propaganda, and the thriving post-war industry, Germany has a long history with public relations. “ffentlichkeitsarbeit” (working for the public sphere) is a phrase used in German. According to this definition, the industry is understood to involve serving the…

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Streamlining and Bauhaus

World War I was a period of rapid change in the corporate, manufacturing, and social sectors. Since losing the war, Germany had a lot to do to restore their economy, which had a lot of good effects on factories and artists. The Bauhaus was established by architect Walter Gropius to…

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Karl Marx

Karl Marx was the third child of Heinrich Marx and Henrietta Pressburg and was born in 1818 in Germany. He had eight brothers, but two died while he was still a child. Marx’s upbringing is unclear, but it is clear that he was privately educated in the elementary years, attended…

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The decision-making processes

The discussion in this assignment will be focused on discussing the various forms of decision-making processes and how they operate, and how information systems help decision-making processes and managers’ activities. The role of business analytics and intelligence systems in decision-making. Finally, how business intelligence is used by various corporate decision-making…

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Compare of Germany and Poland Christian Religion

This research paper examines the comparison and contrast of Christian religious beliefs and practices between Germany and Poland. It appears at the various dimensions of relevance the Germans and the people of Poland assign themselves to religion in their everyday lives, and it also explores their views and opinions of…

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Colonialism in Togo

Like every other European colony, Togo came into contact with the first Germans, who came to the country about 1847 as missionaries. Their relationship grew as the number of Germans rose in the coastal area of the offshore Anecho (Esteves 50-52). Bismarck then agreed to bring the three west coasts…

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Low Birth Rate in Germany

Many developing countries are currently reporting low birth rates, and Germany is one of the world’s lowest-birth-rate countries. The death rate is higher than the birth rate, which is concerning. Many governments in developed countries have been devising strategies to address the numerous social and economic challenges posed by the…

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