Compare of Germany and Poland Christian Religion

This research paper examines the comparison and contrast of Christian religious beliefs and practices between Germany and Poland. It appears at the various dimensions of relevance the Germans and the people of Poland assign themselves to religion in their everyday lives, and it also explores their views and opinions of God’s miracles, scripture, and other Christian religious beliefs and practices. The lookup also examines the beliefs and various festivals about their faith that differ and common between these two countries of the world. At a glance, Germany and Poland appear to be worlds apart. Looking it closer, there are quite religious differences and similarities that are located between them.
In Poland, approximately ninety-five percent of the population are Roman Catholics of which an estimate of seventy-five percent attending church service regularly. Five percent represents other Christian religions and settings such as Eastern Orthodox and Protestants. Germany on the other hand, Christianity is the largest religion that has an estimate of about fifty-eight to fifty-nine percent of the country’s population (Gerrish 441). The two largest churches in Germany are Roman Catholic Church and Evangelical Church in Germany (ECG). Germany has much less diversity in Christian religion than Poland. Ninety-five percent of polish people are Catholics while the rest are different versions of Catholicism. In Germany unlike Poland, it has a tolerant and an open attitude towards the people of all kinds of religions and backgrounds. In Germany, there is no formal state belief in Christianity and the immigrants moving to Germany from other countries of the world with a more form religious background find the country to be indifferent to their theological matters while in Poland, there is a formal state of Christian religious belief.
According to Polish Christian religion, they believed that death is visualized as a slender and tall woman that dressed in a white sheet carrying a scythe. However, it is not the case according to the German religious settings. The research also finds a considerable difference between the spiritual settings in Germany and Poland. For example, German inhabitants who are not affiliated with any Christian religion often report having specific religious practices and beliefs. The reverse is right in the case of Polish population (Jenkins 71). In Germany, several Catholic people fell under the Nazi domination during the Second World War of 1939 – 1945 whereas in Poland, the Polish Christianity started in 966 when Duke’s wife converted him to the religion.
In both countries, there is a hierarchy of monks, nuns, and priests that are appropriate in the Roman Catholic Church along with other Catechists and Brothers. Also, in both countries, the Catholic Church has a formal religious practice and services that encourage preservation of folk culture and common shrines that are considered to be sacred worship places. In Germany and Poland, research shows that several festival practices are carried out to mark a specific event (Zubrzycki 33). Ash Wednesday is one of the festival practice carried out by the Roman Catholics in both countries. Research examines that Mass is conducted and ashes are received by the faithful’s on the forehead from the priest. Other festivals practices include; Lent’s forty days, Advent, and Easter that is celebrated by the Roman Catholics in both countries. For instance, research entails that Advent is regarded as the beginning of Christmas Time where the Christians try to be peaceful and remember the real purpose and importance of Christmas. It is common in both countries. Moreover, there are critical measures of Christian religious commitment that are common in both countries. These are; belief in God, the frequency of prayer, significance, and purpose of religion in people’s lives, and frequency of worship and attendance.
Also, research argued that both the countries’ Christians believed that their religion leads to eternal life and in one way or the other interprets the various teachings of their faith. From John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me. The scripture elaborates on the way to become relevant and faithful Christian. The research further suggests that the beliefs of the Christians are shaped by practical experience as by Christian’s religious practices. In both countries, eighty-two percent of the total proportion of population confirms how Christian religion is essential in their lives. However, sixteen percent of the entire population suggest that religion is not too important in their lives (Zubrzycki 39). Nine-in-ten adults of Christians in Germany and Poland approximately ninety-two percent argued that they believe in a universal spirit or God. It includes the vast majority of religious traditions such as Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Orthodox Christians, and other Protestants religious traditions.
In conclusion, despite the two countries, that is, Germany and Poland having the same religious settings, there are many similarities and differences found in between their religions. Some of the different facts and beliefs set them apart while on the other hand, their similarities bring them together. Moreover, this research paper suggests that Christians in these countries have the same desires and hope in matters religious.

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