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Your Russia essay will cover the largest state in the world, occupying 1/8 of the land area and located in the northeast of Eurasia. Russia essays note that the Russian population counts over 144,5 million people. Many essays on Russia reveal that Russia is a multinational and multilingual country – over 185 ethnic groups live in Russia, who speak over 250 languages. Essays about Russia describe a country with rich culture and beautiful nature, which attracts 25 million tourists yearly. Russia is a federation and it's ruled by President Vladimir Putin. We listed many different Russia essay samples below so you could easily find the information you need. Our essay samples cover various topics – feel free to check them out!

about strategic intelligence

The United States and Russia have had a tense relationship-focused mostly on rivalry. There was a time when the two countries were both rivals and adversaries. However, the present relationship is focused purely on competition (Wiktorek Sarlo, 2016). The two countries are fighting to see which one is equivalent to…

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Constructivism, which emerged in Russia in the early twentieth century, was an architectural movement “that arose from Vladimir Tatlin’s experimentation with three-dimensional artwork” (Ruder 16). As a result, artists felt that the object of their art was to serve a social purpose. In other words, through constructivism, art ventured beyond…

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George Balanchine history

George Balanchine was born in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg. George is widely regarded as the ballet world’s first contemporary choreographer. George was admitted into the Ballet unit of the prestigious Imperial Theater School in Saint Petersburg when he was nine years old (Jordan, Stephanie, p.147). George Balanchine graduated…

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Design’s Context and Culture in Russian Constructivism Artworks and Architecture

The improvement of Russian Constructivism has a lot of influence from the work of Picasso and his development of reliefs as an alternative of simple art. Tatlin was working collectively with Kazimir Malevich in the Cubo-Futurist movement, but this changed in the year 1913 when he came into contact with…

Words: 1958

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Business benefit from Democratic Countries

With the economic growth of China and Russia, the discussion is on whether democracy is good for business is increasing. In particular, China has reported high GDP growth, which in the last decade reached a double-digit amount. Despite its autocratic government structure, it is now the second largest economy in…

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The Rise of Russia

Often known as the Soyuz Sovetskikh, Soviet Union Rissian, or the Sovetesky Soyuz, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans was formerly recognized as the Eurasian empire from 1917-1991. (Eberhard 20). There were 15 S.S.R. (Soviet Socialist Republics) from the Black and Baltic Seas of the Pacific Ocean, including Azerbaijan, Armenia,…

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The Sleeping Beauty Ballet-1890

Among the numerous classical ballets, Sleeping Beauty forms an interesting piece owing to its illustration of academic purity. Its premiere took place in Russia in the 12 months eighteen ninety together with other fascinating pieces such as Swan Lake. The piece is thus heavy in subculture representing a variety of…

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U.S. firms in Russia experience high levels of corruption in the country.

It is obvious from the presentation that U.S. companies in Russia have high corruption levels in the region. Because of the low degree of accountability that affects firms, the market climate is not favorable. Intellectual property laws are insufficient. Russia, because of tensions with western countries, is facing low foreign…

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Russia and BP a Case Study

Strategic management includes actions to define action and establish links between an enterprise’s internal systems and its external environment (Burrow, & Bosiljevac, 2012). Strategic management takes place at different levels of the enterprise, such as corporate and business levels. Integrated cost management and differentiation is BP Russia’s business strategy. BP…

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Emerging markets and Carlsberg

Carlsberg worried that a small area would be a hostile takeover and wanted to target increasing markets in Russia and China. Both countries have been competitive in the market following the rapid growth of the Russian economy, and the huge population in China have made it a large market for…

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Germany and Russia clashed on the opposing sides during the Second World War

During the Second World War, the competing forces fought against Germany and Russia. Under Hitler’s rule, Germany attacked, which was the source of the war’s course and order. Russia used Stalingrad as the hub of contact during the battle. The town was, therefore, very important to the government. On the…

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Cyber Crime

I would like to thank all the governing delegates of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and all the related partners who are present and committed to the war against crime and drugs. Russia’s cybercrime trend is worrying, as it has risen over the years. 37% of…

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