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Your Russia essay will cover the largest state in the world, occupying 1/8 of the land area and located in the northeast of Eurasia. Russia essays note that the Russian population counts over 144,5 million people. Many essays on Russia reveal that Russia is a multinational and multilingual country – over 185 ethnic groups live in Russia, who speak over 250 languages. Essays about Russia describe a country with rich culture and beautiful nature, which attracts 25 million tourists yearly. Russia is a federation and it's ruled by President Vladimir Putin. We listed many different Russia essay samples below so you could easily find the information you need. Our essay samples cover various topics – feel free to check them out!

The relationship between the United States and Russia effort to reduce the total number of nuclear weapons under the three START treaties

The US and Russia are the largest holders of nuclear weapons around the globe 95%.  With the need to reduce the total number of nuclear weapons held by the two countries, over the past 40 years different bilateral agreements have been used by the two states to reduce and limit...

Words: 326

Pages: 2

The Role of Institutions in Russia

Russia's Political History Russia has long garnered the attention of international political observers. For more than seven decades Russia was the core of the globe's communist regime with the international Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans, USSR which often contested the USA for global supremacy. After the fall of USSR in 1991,...

Words: 1152

Pages: 5

Comparative Politics: Germany and Russia

Comparative Politics: A Comparison of Government Systems in Germany and Russia Comparative politics focuses on comparing countries with an emphasis on important patterns of similarities and differences. The research paper compares systems of government in Germany and Russia. The three major systems of government i.e. unitary, federal, and confederate systems are...

Words: 292

Pages: 2

The Bilateral Relations Between China and Russia

Bilateral Relations and Foreign Policy Bilateral relations are agreements ties between any two sovereign states. These ties dictate the way of conduct of the political, economic, and cultural activities between the two countries. The two countries also exchange diplomatic agents in order to facilitate negotiations and adherence to the laid cooperation...

Words: 1585

Pages: 6

The Alleged Hacking of the US Election by the Russians

The Alleged Hacking of the US Election The alleged hacking of the US election by the Russians was viewed differently by the individuals involved in the election. The incident was seen by various individuals as the reason behind the decision in the 2016 presidential elections. It led to certain strays between...

Words: 636

Pages: 3

Analysis of The War in Ukraine

Article 1: On Ukraine, President Putin and Russia Face a Choice This article is an address given by John Kerry which was delivered on the 14 April 2014 at the State Department in Washington. He outlines the state of the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia. His states that Russia is...

Words: 1248

Pages: 5

The Soviet Experiment

One of the films used for months to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible is the book Soviet Experiment. Despite their complexity, the themes of Soviet history have been examined in this work. These histories varied from that of the final tsar, who was a native of the...

Words: 901

Pages: 4

Iron Curtain Speech by Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill described the Russian expansionist notions as a challenge to the established western principles in his 1946 speech on the iron curtain. Western values are founded on individual development, free enterprise, and private property ownership. While privately held organizations handle the delivery of healthcare and education, press freedom is...

Words: 634

Pages: 3

Why does Churchill see Russia as a threat?

Due to its domestic uprising within Britain and its ability to undercut established global action policies, Churchill perceived Russia as a threat. But he believed that Russia's social and economic collapse could influence other countries and impose its socialist policies. Churchill knew that the totalitarian communist regime would start another...

Words: 919

Pages: 4

Russia’s cyber attacks

Russian cyberattacks are becoming more widespread. The purpose of these assaults is always to benefit or harm a nation politically or economically. Such attacks serve a political purpose by promoting a particular contender. Four Russian nationals, including two Russian officers, were charged by the Department of Justice in March 2017...

Words: 2069

Pages: 8

World War 2 Battle of Stalingrad

It is well known that the Battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest and largest battles of World War II. Germany, the Soviet Union, and its friends were at war. The war came to an end at this time. The German forces suffered a loss of many soldiers after...

Words: 1468

Pages: 6

Being American Diplomat in the 1970

It is crucial that questions posed to the Soviet officials be answered in my capacity as an American diplomat. Many of those items were already generally available in the past. One such instance is the assertion that capitalism has created a setting where racism naturally occurs, which the soviet noted...

Words: 857

Pages: 4

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