Essays on Artwork

Formal Research of Artwork – Power Plant #2

The desire of work of art for analysis is Power Plant #2 which is one of the portray at Oklahoma City Museum of Art in Oklahoma. Power Plant #2 is an oil on canvas painting done in 1937 by means of a Russian-born American William S. Schwartz (1896 – 1977)….

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Henry Matisse until year 1930

Henri Matisse formed the art of the 20th century with his artwork pieces influencing ideologies and art amongst fellow artist and audiences. The first half of the 20th century highlighted the commencing of fauvism, as an art and Matisse remain a core figure in the transformation. Matisse worked on a…

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Banksy’s Napalm Painting

Imagine a world where graffiti was not illegal, a city where anyone could draw anything they wanted. Every street was awash with a million colors and little phrases. Where it was never dull to wait at a bus stop. A town that looked like a festival where everybody was welcome,…

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Comparing the artwork of ancient times

Two Christian artworks, Catacombs of Saint Peter and Marcellinus, Dome of Heaven, Rome 3rd to 4th century CE and Hagia Sofia, Constantinople c. 532-537 CE were built as place of worship. Hagia Sofia located in Istanbul Turkey is known as the Church of Holy wisdom. While Catacombs is located in…

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What is art

Art is the human attempt to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract nature’s work. It could also be described as an activity that aims to create something unique. In other words, it can also be described as a general recreation of reality. It also entails a thorough examination of all of…

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Tim Glover’s “Healing Nature.”

Tim Glover’s “Healing Nature” is the piece I’ve chosen. It is a monumental work of art found at the entrance to the University of Houston’s Wellness Center. This paper will investigate this art with the use of color, material, form, and light. To start, the primary materials used in this…

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Direct types of propaganda in artwork

Louis Davies painted one of his art piece in 1784. This was one of his notable artworks which succeeded in spreading propaganda. The work of this artist has been applauded, recognized and at the same time alluding to Rousseau’s social contract. The three sons positioning themselves to comply with thier…

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Photography: Portrait Genre

Portrait Genre All through American photography history, people have made diverse photographs with many materials, and each of them has different purposes. However, people began to classify photographic works on the basis of style and intention, therefore, manipulating and reflecting the society. Photographers always have varieties of what they want…

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What paintings are used for

Painting is a platform used by people to express their emotions about diverse subject matter. Many artists use this as a medium of communicating with their audience without the use of words. The current generation has demanded for modern art because of its uniqueness. Many people go to museums for…

Words: 1929

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What Is an Artwork?

Art is a way of expressing ones creative skill using mediums like painting and molding. It is a skill that comes from appreciating the works that have been produced because of their beauty. It is not usually based on the outcomes visually, but also on auditory and performances (Andina 2017)….

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Famous Artworks: Art History

Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Mone Cassai popularly called “Masaccio” is one of the greatest artists of all time and a notable contributor of the early renaissance with famous artworks including that of the florentine. He was refered to as “Masaccio” and he died at 27 years, but his artistic…

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The Comparison of the Artworks of Aphrodite and the Venus of Willendorf

Art comparison: Playing an inherent role in the society is the Artwork of Aphrodite and Venus of Willendorf. This Art History depicts the way of life of a certain generation and the basic reason for the appropriation of artefacts by scientists and historians. When properly analysed these artefacts tell the…

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