Ai Weiwei and Censorship in China

“They say that God created all human beings equal, but you are so limited by who you are, whom you know, how much money you have, who your father is, and your education. Nonetheless, through the internet, everything is abstract, but you do not know about that” (Ai Weiwei). Those...

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Analysis of the Social Credit System in China

The move by the Chinese government to introduce the “social credit” system to track and monitor its citizens has been met with resistance and support from both within and outside China (Bell, 31). The Chinese social credit system is compatible with the concept of ren in that it cares for...

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The Chinese Room Argument

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caused production of computer programs that are more superior to a human being in various aspects. Computers can calculate large and complex sums in a matter of seconds and it is capable of playing chess. These functions require high intelligence levels; these prompted most of the...

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Comparative Analysis of Beijing Qingming Scroll vs. Baxeaux tapestry

Various societies around the world have over the years, undergone immense transformation and evolution. China, in 1000 CE, for instance, was considered as one of the most advanced nation across the globe and this was measured in the form of commercialization and urbanization. Cultural activities vary depending on tribal and...

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The Search for Modern China

The search for Modern China by Jonathan Spence The book, “The search for Modern China” by Jonathan Spence offers insightful information on the history and existence of China. The book covers the detailed history from the 17th to 20th century. There are various developments and changes that have shaped the complex...

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R2P in China

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) emerged after the Rwanda mass atrocity in 1990 that necessitated intervention by the international community to prevent harm to human beings. The concept has continuously ascended in China and especially Beijing’s policies towards humanitarian crisis. The crises experienced in Syria, Darfur, and Libya elaborates China’s diplomacy...

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The Tomb of the Marquis Dai Family

Mawangdui: A Historic Tomb Site in China Mawangdui is a three separate tomb site found in china, in the eastern suburb of Changsha city. The Owners of Mawangdui The prime minister of Changsha state during the AD periods, Li Chang and his wife and son, Xing Zhui and Li Xi owned the site....

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Population Control in China

China's Rising Economy There is no doubt that China is a rising economy. China's rise in the world economic equation is vital in the world's political matrix. This can be seen in the military prowess and the world influence including the spread of Chinese culture. The high Chinese population which is...

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The History of the Four-Goat Square Zun

In the ancient time, the Four-goat Square Zun is the earliest ritual bronze in Chinese people. The bronze has existed more than 300 decades now from the period of late Shang dynasty. This happened from 10th- 11th centuries BC. In light of this four-goat Square Zun is so popular due...

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Role of Nationalism in Foreign Policy

Reading Suisheng Zhao’s treatise on “Foreign Policy Implications of Chinese Nationalism Revisited: the strident turn” brings the role of nationalism in foreign policy under focus. It focuses on the geopolitical relations between nations given their historical diplomatic relations and the change in foreign policy. The change in China’s foreign policy...

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The Role of China in the International Political Economy in the Next Ten Years

The Chinese economy has grown rapidly over the past decade to become the world s second-largest economy after the US. The rapid growth rate of the economy is good for the US. The following are the benefits of the Chinese economy s growth to the US: The investment of...

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The United States-China Bilateral Relationship

Bilateral tension has and continues to pose a major threat to developing as well as developed countries world over. However, having a clear understanding as well as demonstrating how the United States and China bilateral relations evolve has posted challenging tasks for both policy formulators as well as scholars. The...

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