Essays on International Business

Effects of Brexit on Multinational Companies in the United Kingdom

The First Effect of Brexit: Increased Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Transactions The first effect of Brexit on multinationals in the UK is increased merger and acquisition (M A deals shot by 32% while deals worth $234.5bn were completed in 2017 (Latorre, Olekseyuk, and Yonezawa, 2017, p.7). Other statistics indicate that by...

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Strategy and International Business in the Food Industry

Emerging economies are poised for exponential economic growth due to the rise of their real domestic product. Together, China, Africa, and India accounted for over forty percent of the world’s food demand, as per 2017’statistics. Additionally, China and India produce over half of the world waters, rice and potatoes (Prest...

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Considerably, the success of any organization depends on the strategic plan which has been enacted by the management. The organization must be vigilant in developing a vision statement which relates to its goal, objectives, and values. However, there are various essential elements which ought to put in consideration to be...

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Strategies in International Business

A business strategy A business strategy has always been used as a guideline for various business operations in both the local and international market. It provides a means through which the business objectives can be accomplished. Companies that participate in international business execute their operations in foreign countries with the aim...

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The Advantages of Introducing Medical Products into the Chinese Market

I recommend that we introduce the medical products into the Chinese market instead of U.K. China has been facing a rapid increase in disease burden in recent years with improved urbanization, growing household incomes, and rising aging levels that pose a significant health risk to its citizens. Consequently, China now...

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The Importance of Globalization in IEC Electronics

IEC Electronics is an American company in New York established in 1966 and deals with electronic components. IEC Electronics manufactures electronic components such as circuit boards, electrical cables, and wires for different industries including the military, healthcare, transport industry among others. Additional activities done by the company are such as...

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The Impact of Globalization and Technological Innovation on Consumer and Industrial Goods and Services Production

As the world advance as witnessed in globalization and technological innovations, the consumer and industrial goods and services production increase significantly regarding quantity, quality and variety. Businesses always strive to ensure that commodities they offer to consumers meet the preferences of the given target market segments based on culture and...

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Estimating Cost to be Incurred at Calling Port

Estimating Cost Incurred at Calling Port Estimating cost to be incurred at calling port is always a complicated matter as various factors that determine pricing are out of control of shipping companies. However, despite the complicated nature of estimating the price incurred in calling a port, there are few general factors...

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The Role of Stock Markets in Economic Growth of Developing Countries

The Importance of Stock Markets in Economic Growth The tremendous economic growth witnessed in developing countries over the last decade can, partly, be attributed to entrenchment and strengthening of the free market policies. Such policies include those designed to encourage local and international firms to list in the respective countries’ stock...

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Principles of International Business and Financial Economics

The developments in the financial sector have led to increased urge to gain more insights on financial economics and international markets. Most people lack knowledge and do not understand how financial markets operate and the effects they have on the economies of the world. The process of internalizing the way...

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Walmart Company's Ethical Responsibilities

Business practices. (2015). Walmart Unethical Business Practices. [Online].  Available at: Introduction As most people would agree, the primary objective of most of the businesses is to make money in the right manner and to conduct the activities according to the laid down ethics. However, not all the businesses perform their operations...

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The Impact of Global Issues on Business

Big and small business have in recent decades grown all over the world. More so, the organizations are increasingly becoming a force in global trade as they venture into the world market. Going global has no longer ceased to be a massive corporate and brand venture, but also small business...

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