Essays on International Business

advancement of transportation

International business expansion is accelerated by the development of transportation, industrialization, globalization, multinational firms, and outsourcing. Any country’s economic growth is significantly influenced by international commerce, and by advancing and involving international business, a country can broaden its predictions outside of certain limits. Additionally, having access to international trade gives…

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Evolution of technology

The global business environment has improved largely due to evolving technical advances. When making decisions based on data, businesses need a well-designed system that can easily save reliable data for future use. The effectiveness of the analysis and implementation, as well as the quality of the stored data, play major…

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Risks in giving credit

In the current world, providing and receiving credit to manufacturing firms plays a significant role in fostering relationships between buyers and sellers. Both buyers and sellers need it since they can have extra money to spend to make the necessary purchases that have an impact on a company’s operations. Therefore,…

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Global business

This essay focuses on HBC, a Canadian business that plans to buy Kaufhof. Germany is where Kaufhof is registered. The acquisition suggests that HBC will begin operations there. All previous attempts by firms to grow into Germany, however, were a failure. Walmart is one of the victims who attempted to…

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Compensation systems

The success of multinational corporations has been greatly influenced by the management of global compensation and benefits. This is because it involves managing tumultuous and extremely complex local details while ensuring the concurrent establishment and maintenance of a strategic, unified pattern or system of compensation policies, values, and practices (Gomez-Mejia,…

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Galaxy company

The company Galaxy is well-known throughout the world for producing toys. To inspire kids of all ages around the globe, it produces toys. Toys are really important because they help kids dream. The toy industry has undergone significant change as a result of technological development. To fit the needs of…

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Summary of FDI

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been regarded as a crucial path for boosting innovations, creating jobs, and guiding the general economy in host nations. Due to its significance, nations make an effort to draw FDI by creating benevolent policies and methods. The present study investigated the FDI techniques used by…

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Evaluation report on Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory

In this research, the growth into a new foreign market by RMCF is examined. After the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, the 1982-founded Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) has been struggling to grow (Mull, Takano & Owings, 2014). The RMCF had to search for new expansion techniques because domestic…

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What the Serbian government is doing in regards to multinational business investment

Recent corporate reforms, political and financial stability, as well as the involvement of the European Union, have all enhanced the investment climate in Serbia. Due to its advantageous position, skilled and economical workforce, facilitated commerce with important markets (EU), and accessibility of investment incentives, investors have considered Serbia as a…

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Organizational structure

The overall arrangement of functional elements and alignments utilized in managing a facility as a whole is known as an organization’s design or organization structure. The company’s design lays out the proper guidelines for distributing the company’s resources, assigning duties to personnel, training them on policies, rules, and expected levels…

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International leadership

The competitive environment of operating enterprises in the dynamic and complicated fiscal boundaries makes leadership a crucial component of the global economy. It emphasizes how crucial globalization has become in the twenty-first century, which makes it necessary to evaluate the qualities required for the advancement of human resource development directed…

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Trade tariffs index

According to the global index of trade tariffs, the nation ranks among the top nations. Due to Israel’s removal of trade barriers with the US, it is now a profitable place to do business. Furthermore, the nation has a deep religious heritage, particularly Jewish Judaism, which influences how commercial activities…

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