Essays on Coal Mining

poverty causes

Émile Zola's novel Germinal is about a French mining town and the challenges that the area's poor miners confront at the hands of a mining business after they object to the firm's unfair salaries. The story follows Étienne Lantier, the main character, as he rallies the workers to demand higher...

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clean coal evaluation

The controversy about coal has raged for a long time, both economically and environmentally. Coal is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels, and it generates 40% of the world's energy. Up to eight billion tons of coal are burned each year, with increasing consequences: carbon dioxide emissions as a result...

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Fuel dependence lessening in America

Administration (EIA) (2015) The United States (U.S.) has been a big fossil fuel consumer with a reported 80 percent of the country's fossil fuel mix since 1900. The predominance of fossil fuels in America The most commonly used fossil fuel goods in the U.S. are gasoline, coal, and natural gas that has been...

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