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Amazon and E-bay e-commerce

E-commerce has experienced unprecedented growth and revolution in recent years. It has taken over the market and posed a significant threat to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. E-commerce has grown in popularity as a result of powerful online tools and the development of quicker internet connectivity. One could claim that the quick...

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Online Shopping Mall

This article will describe the configuration and components of an e-commerce database. An e-commerce system is typically constructed utilizing one of two approaches: one will look at a bottom-up progress of a structure in-house by experts of a certain organization. Another way to system development is the customisation technique, which...

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Database integrity

Users can seriously jeopardize the integrity of a database. User limits and selected privileges are two of the most frequent approaches for preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data while restricting access to authorized users (Taylor, 2013). Many occurrences involving database compromise entail user manipulation. In the following sections of...

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Amazon and eBay share e-commerce

We live in the e-commerce era, and an increasing number of businesses have e-commerce websites where they offer their products. Amazon and eBay are two of the most effective e-commerce platforms in my opinion. The two sites have a few characteristics that contribute to their popularity. The inclusion of a...

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The retail industry

With over 188, 000 registered enterprises, the retail industry is one of the most lucrative and promising economic sectors in the United Kingdom (Wood and McCarthy, 2013). In general, the retail industry in the United Kingdom includes both food and non-food items. It is concerned with all types of enterprises...

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FedEx Leadership Challenge

Due to technology improvements, the competitive environment is always changing in most industries (Porter, 2008). FedEx, a corporation that provides international courier delivery services, has upped its ante in e-commerce with the introduction of FedFx Fulfillment networks. Similar to this, Amazon, a rival in the sector, has transformed its e-commerce...

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The AO Company

John Roberts founded The AO Company as Appliance Online in the year 2000. John's primary goal was to alter the way online commerce was carried out in the UK. A simple wager with a friend led to the appointment of the organization's new CEO, who was tasked with transforming e-commerce....

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Business feasibility Analysis

My plan is to sell chocolates and other confections online through an ecommerce platform in order to expand my clientele across the US. Over 50 locations across the United States and its neighbors will sell better-quality, delectable candies and chocolates from Zak's Confectionary. This executive brief presents my concept and...

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Organizational Expansion and Human Resource

Globalization, advanced technology, free commerce, and political stability have created new opportunities and made doing business abroad more feasible. Organizations have been forced to become more competitive by emerging market opportunities and cutting-edge technology. Many businesses are currently developing expansion strategies as a means of reaching out to new markets...

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Brief Description of Amazon

Seattle is home to the corporate headquarters of the e-commerce company Amazon, which was established in 1994. It is widely recognized that Amazon invented e-commerce. Initially, the company began as an online bookstore before introducing other things such as apparel, gadgets, and music. The organization has been able to sustain...

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the e business

Despite the undeniable benefits of e-commerce, such as improved convenience, productivity, and speed in operations, many risks arise on a regular basis. With the advancement in technology, many IT professionals with sinister motivations have typically increased their subjective reasons to harm, foil, and keep online trading vulnerable (Massa and Valverde...

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E-commerce Model for Bank of Plenty design

The features of e-commerce have enticed most businesses to integrate its use into their operations. These businesses have developed platforms that are best suited to their needs and conduct follow-ups to ensure that they remain relevant. They also make certain that all operations are in accordance with current laws and...

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