Deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world; its size is larger than the combination of the next two largest rainforests, which are in the Congo Basin and Indonesia. It hosts the largest river basin in the planet and the largest number of species of both plants and animals....

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SWOT Analysis of Amazon

Amazon is an online retail company that majors in electronics, cloud computing, groceries and books. It’s a global company located in many countries but has its headquarters in Seattle. Its mission is to be the most customer oriented company on earth. The paper will discuss the SWOT analysis of the...

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Customer Contact Center in the Cloud

Barr, Jeff. “Amazon Connect – Customer Contact Center in the Cloud.” AWS, 28 Mar. 2017. Barr reveals that Amazon’s customer care center lacks a cloud enabled system and has most of their programs and data stored in hard drives. Consequently, the team on the desks is limited as they cannot do...

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Amazon's Login and Pay with Amazon

Panzarino, Mathew. “Amazon's ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ Service Challenges PayPal for the Web’s Payment Business.”, 8 Oct. 2013. The author analyzes the safety of login details of the Amazon pay services account holders and the nightmare they face when contacting customer service. He recommends that the company develop safety...

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SWOT Analysis of Amazon

Online shopping has been on the rise with Amazon being on the rise and referred to as the biggest online shopping firm. Just like any other company, there is a recommended performance of the SWOT analysis which answers a number of question about the start with, there are strengths...

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Market Structure Analysis of Amazon

Amazon maintains its place as the fastest growing company in the global digital retail market. The entity has shown flexibility and dynamism despite the increased pressure and competition from companies such as Wal-Mart, E-bay and Alibaba. The $560 billion company first entered into the e-commerce industry by selling books online...

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Selling an excellent product

The Importance of Online Business in Selling Products Offering an amazing product does not always imply that you have sophisticated products or the best and highest quality products on the market to sell. It frequently boils down to the merchant s capacity to supply the products to the clients at reasonable...

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Amazon Go: Amazons computer vision technology

One of the most dynamic parts of the retail industry is technology. This factor evolves with the passage of time and market demands. This study tries to explain this phenomena by demonstrating how Amazon Go has transformed the supermarket buying experience. It also provides an overview of how this system...

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Essay on online newspaper Washington Post

The current event selected for examination in this article is from the online daily Washington Post. The article, headed Amazon Studios CEO Roy Price suspended amid sexual harassment allegations, discusses the sexual harassment issue involving Roy Price, the president of Amazon's video business, who was suspended by the firm following...

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Amazon and eBay share e-commerce

We live in the e-commerce era We live in the e-commerce era, and an increasing number of businesses have e-commerce websites where they offer their products. Amazon and eBay are two of the most effective e-commerce platforms in my opinion. The two sites have a few characteristics that contribute to their...

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Yanomamo and the Chukchi People

Indians from South America called Yanomamo speak the Xiriana language. Along the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, they are situated in Venezuela. Around 35,000 individuals are thought to live there (Chagnon 87)). Their land spans over 9.6 million hectares in both Venezuela and Brazil. The Chukchi people are...

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About Cloud Solutions

Business organizations used to be responsible for hosting and maintaining their storage systems. Now that businesses may keep and access data thanks to organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Because organizations can install software firmly and the Internet has become a source that is almost universally accessible to anybody, cloud...

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