Amazon has an incredibly broad customer base, given that it offers consumers all kinds of goods. The company has recently targeted primarily supermarkets, food stores and Amazon Business, which the company launched in 2015, has since expanded into its business. The enterprise has over 1 million company clients. The firm…

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Walmart, Amazon, Ebay: Who Will Dominate Internet Retailing?

The contest between the three American online retailers: Walmart, Amazon, eBay is a fight that is hard to determine on the winner. Screening of most of their strategies seems to be a satisfactory effort by both of them to dominate the market; however, the firm whose strategies will gain the…

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economical and financial literacy for managers

Amazon Inc. is an American cloud computing and automated business company founded in Seattle by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is a tech goliath in the real world and is thought to be the top web-based marketplace due to its market capitalization and overall offers. As a start-up, Amazon was an online…

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case study of amazon

Two of the ideals of Amazon leadership that I hope I can better associate with are: recruit and grow the best and dream big (Stone, 2015). When an organization hires and produces the best workers, there will be optimum efficiency, since everyone knows what they are going to do and…

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