Essays on Technology in Business

Economic Impact of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a relatively recent method to industrial production that is based on manipulating entities that are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye or conventional microscopes. The term "nontechnology" was derived from the nanoscale unit of measurement (Peter, 2005). Some nanotechnologists believe that this field...

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Project management: a systems approach to planning

Project management is one of the important procedures that entails planning, coordinating, and managing the resources given to successfully fulfill the specified objectives (Lewis, 2012). The procedure may also include feasibility studies and defining the project scope. I've been concentrating on my contribution to the overall endeavor of building an...

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Amazon Go: Amazons computer vision technology

One of the most dynamic parts of the retail industry is technology. This factor evolves with the passage of time and market demands. This study tries to explain this phenomena by demonstrating how Amazon Go has transformed the supermarket buying experience. It also provides an overview of how this system...

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Considerations for Information Governance in the Healthcare Setting

There are various clinical coding and classification systems. Encoders and computer-assisted coding are two examples of such systems or applications (CAC). Yet, because of its increased speed and accuracy, the company should consider deploying a CAC system. The effective implementation of clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs improves the accuracy of...

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United Technologies Corporation

United Technologies is a worldwide aviation organization with operations and functions all over the world. This paper briefly discusses leadership, strategy, values, beliefs, organizational behavior, structure, and culture. The results suggest that the organization is best for technological breakthroughs and innovation, and its long-term goal is to lead technology to...

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Social networking sites (SNSs)

Web-based social networking services called social networking sites (SNSs) allow users to create public profiles in a closed system, accept other users with whom they have things in common, and browse and traverse a list of other users with whom they have connections. Lujja & Ozata (2017) claim that the...

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WLAN Radio Frequency

Wireless networking components are used to create new networks or to replace existing devices. An access point is a device to which other devices connect on a network. To complete the connection, further devices such as hubs, switches, routers, and cards are useful, each of which has a specific function...

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Wireless networks such as WiFi

Wireless networks, such as WiFi, have sparked a lot of interest among internet users. Similarly, municipal wireless networks continue to spark debate and excitement in most cities' populations. The reason for this joy is the benefits that come with wireless network installation, such as increased quality of life for both...

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Firms and their employees don't often acknowledge the current business environment as being particularly dynamic and difficult. Among the many factors that force businesses to swiftly catch up in efficiency, pricing, innovation, quality, and profitability are quick changes in technology, shifting markets, shifting consumer needs, increasing global competition, and investor...

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The IT governance framework

The uniformity and thoroughness of IT procedures are provided by the IT governance framework, which is designed to improve IT project management techniques. IT governance gives management the tools for deciding on IT roles and creates an accountability structure that makes sure technology is used properly in business management. Processes...

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Apples Inc swot analysis and target market

Targeting involves picking particular groups that were identified during segmentation to sell products to. Segmentation entails dividing a given population into groups according to various characteristics. Appreciation of the design, quality, and performance of technology services and products rather than their costs is among the most prevalent set of characteristics...

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Memo on material technology cooperation

This memo's goal is to tell readers about the ongoing projects, which include creating a substrate for a micro-electric circuit hybrid, a packaging for an electronic sensor, and a turbocharger rotor for car engines. Each project's actions are clearly described in the document. The memo further suggests that one of...

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