Essays on Women in Business

Gender inequality in a construction industry

There is ample evidence that men predominate among construction employees. This is the ideal time to introduce change in the workforce with the purpose of resolving the gender imbalance in a labor-intensive industry that has been suffering from a severe labor shortage. Women made up 2.9% of the extraction and…

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Discrimination based on gender

Review of the Literature on Workplace Discrimination Against Women Gender discrimination in the workplace is still a major issue despite numerous significant improvements in management procedures in contemporary firms and the creation of better regulatory requirements (Francine & Kahn 78). The majority of studies on gender discrimination concur on the…

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Challenges and Trends for Women in Business

Historically, women in business have faced challenges that have shaped the way that women conduct business today. The article explores some of the challenges that women in business face, along with opportunities and trends that have come about. Hopefully, these will be helpful in making your own business a success….

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