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Workplace Privacy Laws

Workplace privacy laws dictate the extent to which employees’ privacy is protected. They stipulate the degree to which an employer can monitor the activities of the workers and the roles of the management in protecting the privacy of its employees (Scone, 2012). This paper discusses three privacy laws and how...

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Privatization of Transportation Security Administration

The Transport Security Administration was created after terrorist attacks that took place in September 2001 where hijackers took dominance of four airliners. The attack led to the death of 2996 people while more than 6000 were injured. The fundamental issue was not the use of private companies but also the...

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Impact of Smart Border on Port Security

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the mind creations including inventions, art and literary works, designs, and commercial symbols, images, and names. There are two main categories of IP: industrial property and copyright. Industrial property refers to the patents for trademarks, inventions, geographical indications, and industrial designs (Bradner Contreras,...

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Understanding the Dynamics of Security: From Human Security to Conflict Resolution

Human security- is the human fundamental freedom from fear and want. Examples are food security and health security. Securitization- is the process of transforming issues into matters of security. For example, political issues becoming a security threat. Critical security studies- these are the realist, liberal and Peace studies for example study on...

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Phishing Attacks and Counter Measures

Advancement in Technology and Its Impact on Businesses Advancement in technology has played a pivotal role in improving the quality and timely delivery of products and services to customers (Timm & Perez, 2010). Businesses and companies have utilized current innovations in technology to increase production and optimizing their profit margins. Specifically,...

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Enhancing Security of Group Members

The group members' responses The group members' responses revolved around the promotion of security and safety of the members as well as the orientation of the group, finding common ground, and obtaining feedback through pre and post surveys. Majority of the members were of the view that enhancing security of group...

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Critical Infrastructure Protection in the United States

Over the previous decade, there has been growth in threats to critical infrastructure sectors to potential disastrous dimensions. Critical infrastructure protection has turned out to be an issue of economic stability, domestic security, and public safety.  To protect the nation from cyber-attacks to critical infrastructure it is imperative the United...

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The Importance of Data Privacy in Today's World

The Benefits of Technology The development and growth of technology are considered to be the best thing to ever happen in the global world, due to the many benefits it brought to its users. Through technology, people can communicate with one another regardless of where they are around the globe. Technology...

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Qualitative Research Methods for Border Security

Borders represent essential avenues through which sovereign countries interact via immigration and trade. It is crucial for the border authorities to ensure that the security systems around such borders are sufficient and adequate in handling their intended border regulation functions. The resources budgeted to enhance such systems should be proportionate...

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The Ethics of Physician-Patient Confidentiality

Hospitals hold an ethics clause against sharing patient’s information against third parties. The understanding is that no matter what the patient speaks to the doctor, the doctor is not allowed to share the information with third parties. In the article, “Should I Protect a Patient at the expense of an...

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The Transportation Security Administration: Past, Present, and Future

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was brought to Congress to combat future terroirs attacks after 9/11. They implemented safety standards that people still follow to this day. People must have their baggage checked before boarding a plane. Also, the TSA has replaced x-ray full body scanners with new...

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Analysis of Threats and Hazards and the Consequences of a Compromised Energy Sector

The government has identified 16 infrastructure sectors essential to its security, economy and health care (The Department of Homeland Security 2018). These sectors guarantee the resilience of the society during crises. The sectors were created in order to consolidate and uphold the networks, assets, and networks in a coordinated manner (The...

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