Essays on Security

About Risk Analysis and Preventive Security

The advancement in computational power, particularly among computers, logical programmable units, communications link and networking, artificial intelligence, and robotics, has provided the world with a more efficient and faster way to improve the way we interact, whether by communications or performing complex tasks such as scientific computations, simulations, and even…

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Key Concepts of Cyber Security

Cyber protection refers to the whole mechanism that is intended to protect an information system from foreign intrusions such as threats and unauthorized access that could harm or reveal the information of a specific entity. In some circles, computer protection is often referred to as information security; thus, for the…

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Private Security Role

The role of security in an enterprise is to ensure that any progress that may be a threat to continued survival in a corporation is detected and actively managed. It is the department that, by close cooperation in the organisation, supervises all the functions regarding the need for protection in…

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Pervasive Information Management Systems Fundamentals

The high demand for smartphone users to obtain and share information has contributed to an increase in the overall information management system, which has been made successful by technology expansion (Cegielski, 2012). This article focuses on the foundations of Pervasive Information Management Systems, which cover chapters on mobile database systems,…

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internet policy

Numerous scientific inventions have been produced today. These developments have had a significant impact on a number of industries, such as health, communications, transport, manufacturing, defense, agriculture and others. Apparently, the communications sector seems to have been most affected, especially by the growth of numerous applications such as WhatsApp, Skype,…

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Border Security and Immigration Issues

Since the first immigrants arrived in the country 500 years ago, immigration has been the defining term in the US. In spite of being a dominant population force, the country has also contributed to the country’s political, social and economic outcomes, resulting in current demographical arrangements. More than 420,000 people…

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Homeland Security Department

DHS has undergone multiple dynamic changes since its establishment in 2001, which have been directed towards its efficient operations. Deep improvements were found to combat and respond to home security risks in government policies and systems. The DHS activity, however, began in 2003 with main objectives to avoid and minimize…

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Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary towns are important as they provide immigrants with refuge. These cities have housing, medical services, and food options. These cities also provide migrants with bail and legal aid. However, because immigrants who have a criminal record can be let into the country, these cities can be dangerous. Juan Francisco…

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Marketing and Advertising of Security Systems

Promotion Section. Knoxville TN Security Company’s target market involves diplomats, banks, celebrities, corporate executives, and shopping malls. The company offers clients surveillance systems, armed security guards, and bodyguards for the client’s protection. We advertise our services utilizing different media, for example, TV commercials, newspaper ads, social media, radio ads, etc….

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chemical sector of homeland security

For a nation’s stability to be preserved, the most important infrastructure must be tightly supervised by both the private and public sectors in order to remove any possible danger in any given area. For eg, the chemical division is the vital infrastructure that supports the United States of America’s economy….

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Corporations that Kill Critical Review: Suing Blackwater

David Kinley and Odette Murray discuss the state’s duty to prosecute, deter and discipline severe human rights abuses committed by private military firms in the report,’ Businesses that Kill: Suing Blackwater’ (PMC). The Nisour Square killings involving Blackwater private security company have demonstrated the lack of civil enforcement on PMC….

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