Essays on Gang Violence

The existence of street gangs in the world

The prevalence of street groups, which are primarily made up of young people, is alarmingly increasing as they become more sophisticated and intricate in their operations. My view is that youths join gangs because they lack financial freedom because they are associated with quick money and readily attainable material possessions....

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Gang Membership, Drug Selling, and Violence in Neighborhood Context

Violence in the context of gang membership, drug dealing, and the neighborhood The study offers a critique of the piece "Gang Membership, Drug Selling, and Violence in Neighborhood Context"'s research design, methodology, and theoretical underpinnings. Certain elements of study design are included by the author. First, the introduction part of the paper...

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An increase of criminal activities in most urban areas

According to Ayling (2011), street gangs' presence in most urban regions is closely related to the rise in criminal activity there. Since their illegal activities do not follow the community's established laws and regulations, these organizations frequently pose a danger to the security of its citizens. It's important to note...

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The Republic of Haiti Essay

On the Caribbean Sea's Hispaniola Island lays the Republic of Haiti. Due to problems including political instability, corruption, gang violence, a lack of economic opportunities, and weak governance, Haiti has the poorest population in the Western Hemisphere. Researching Haiti's lending institutions, healthcare system, and human capital is the aim of...

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About Street Gangs

Since the beginning of time, there have been street gangs. No matter how developed a nation or region is, their influence can still be felt everywhere. According to Ruble & Turner (2000), the term "street gang" designates a specific group made up of young people with varying degrees of structure...

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Joining Gangs Risk Factors

Involvement in gangs and gang-related activities are on the rise throughout the country, and youngsters and children make up the majority of those who join gangs. The goal of the unlawful acts carried out by the gangs is to make money or obtain notoriety locally or abroad. The gangs are...

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Gun Control

The ban on gun ownership in the United States was enacted in response to a number of recent shootings (Wellman 145). As a result, several controversies have erupted over whether possession of such devices, which have taken many lives, should be controlled. Notably, gun possession has been a political concept...

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Pages: 6

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