Essays on White Collar Crime

civil society

What do you think poses the biggest danger to civil society: a company that commits murders (e.g. homicide, environmental crimes, or bribery) or a corporation that commits crimes that damage corporations (e.g. misappropriation, theft, or larceny)? Defend your answer, using at least one explanation of current affairs Both an individual…

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White collar crime: SCICAP credit union fraud

Located in chariot (IOWA), USA, SCICAP Credit union was a small association that was chartered in 1968. It was formed to serve the needs of different municipal banking employees within rural regions of IOWA. Ten years after its launch with a total asset of $2 million and 828 members, the…

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Independent v. Conservative View Point

The Daily Kos found the testimony of Comey to be a hoax and called it a Trump-Comey-Flynn operatic plot. The website gives a deep look into the allegations of key players. Trump is the act’s benefactor, with Comey and Flynn being the plaintiffs. However, James Comey is the most victimized…

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About Corporate Crime

Corporate fraud is regarded as a white-collar crime in most cases. Although the offense does not have a high standard, much is learned about restricting white collar crimes. These include the crimes of public corruption, organized crime, workers’ crimes and corporate crime. The principle of reducing corporate crimes is clear…

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