Independent v. Conservative View Point

The Daily Kos found the testimony of Comey to be a hoax and called it a Trump-Comey-Flynn operatic plot. The website gives a deep look into the allegations of key players. Trump is the act’s benefactor, with Comey and Flynn being the plaintiffs. However, James Comey is the most victimized since, due to incompetence, he lost his work and was replaced by Michael Flynn. Daily Kos reports that Comey was sacked by Trump over the Russia thing. It is, however, a ridiculous thing that Comey chooses the constitution over his employer. The post suggests that Trump sought to convince Comey to let the matter go during legal hearings, given that Flynn was a decent man (Karamazov 1). Comey, though, did not comply with this request and was later fired.
Conservative Point of View
Former FBI director James Comey gave testimony that either vindicated Donald Trump of further implicated him. The Drudge report claims that Comey_x0092_s statement not only cleared Trump by confirming that he was not under investigation but also raised suspicions on various FBI scandals that were not in record (Gold 2). The review also illustrates Comey admitting to having a personal network for leaking information to the press. The example is the probe on Hillary Clinton_x0092_s emails. Comey further associated himself with prior leakage of email contents to the media. The Drudge report holds him in contempt for violating professional privileges, a common occurrence. It, therefore, hails Trump as a victim of staff misconduct in FBI premises.
Comparison and Contrast
People rely on journalists to report factual news regarding different themes. However, the media is hopelessly biased. An individual_x0092_s perception is therefore compromised as all facts are blurred by assentation and political prejudice. The story has been differently depicted by the chosen media platforms as they hold various points of view. The liberal perspective is in favor of the motion being discussed while the conservative one leans toward its positive outcome.
Looking at the two stories, there are aspects of comparison and contrast. Both are focused on maintaining liberal and conservative stands. This is evident in the approach given to the matter of James Comey and Donald Trump. Also, the articles in question mutually uphold equality of opportunities. The two parties of interest are given equal attention. Both narratives expose crime and offenders.
In contrast, The Drudge Report focuses on the responsibility of the government alongside Trump to alleviate crime and offenses committed in public office, whereas Daily Kos aims at exhibiting personal responsibility of citizens despite government control. The conservative position is also dependent on how the executive administration influences specific areas, for instance, violation of power. The government in this context only considers firing as the suitable action. On the other hand, liberal point of view is flexible on different incidents of infringement. Misuse of power in public office does not necessarily warrant being fired, as other options could be looked at.
Furthermore, The Drudge Report supports and actively encourages the dismissal of accusation and triumph of the president without shedding light on critical details of the issue. For instance, Michael Flynn who is a significant victim is not mentioned, whereas, Daily Kos explicitly gives the audience a full recap of the whole affair. It explains involvement of different people and reasons why they are implicated.
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