Laos is perhaps one of the few countries in the world that have poor internet coverage

Laos may be one of the few countries in the world that only has a single provider: Earth (Mayes and Paul 90). The service provider has used Internet networks and monopolized the cost of the service to people. This will help to mitigate this issue by implementing G Internet. With a focus on the young majority of the world, G Internet is intended for providing Internet services at affordable rates throughout the region. With the growing usage of cell phones and other communicators in Laos, the internet industry has a great deal of promise.G Internet is a telecommunication company that is set to provide internet services, as well as phone calls and messaging services.CompetitionThe telecommunication industry in Laos is made up of five service providers. These include Lao Telecom, Unitel, ETL and Tigo/ Beeline and one "internet only" provider, Planet. The companies, except Planet, provide only voice services. Thus, Planet is established as the sole data provider. In this regard, G Internet will face stiff competition from the established firms, but it is still worth it. With an internet penetration of only 21 %, there exists an extensive untapped market that G Internet can exploit. Notably, this will be achieved by offering competitive services at the most affordable rates possible. Moreover, competitive marketing strategies and distribution channels will help this new firm to gain market dominance (Liljas 1).Target MarketG Internet targets 70 % of the population, comprising of the youths below 35 years. There is a lot of potential with this group, given their ability to use the internet as a source of information, social networking through social media, and also internet/ online working. Besides, it is a common phenomenon for most youths to hook up on phones and computers, exploring the wonders of the internet. Accordingly, G Internet will help these vibrant and energetic young Laos to attain their potential as far as access to information and networking is concerned. Moreover, G intends to target the rural majority, which has been neglected by other internet providers.Marketing strategyIn a country with weak internet coverage, the marketing strategies shall be revised to be accommodative of all the potential targeted customers. The strategy about the product, price, promotion, and distribution are discussed as below.ProductG Internet shall offer diversified products, different from competitors. Being in the telecom industry in the 21st century, internet provided on sim cards, Wi-Fi and cables shall be fast and secure to users. Issues of slow internet speeds as experienced by users of the other networks shall be reduced. Additionally, current trends in the data services supply will be adopted. With the world migrating to 4G and heading towards 5G, it is only prudent for G to keep up to date with the rest of the world. Customer services will be prompt and efficient to enhance the usability of the network.PriceSince most Laos are poor, they are unable to afford internet services at the current rates provided by Planet. G internet will consider this aspect and lower prices for its services so that even the lowest income earner in the economy will be able to afford. Internet bundles will be available from as little as 5 LAK. Thus, subscribers will surf the internet at lower rates. Wide market coverage promotes economies of scale. Therefore, G Internet will be available at lower prices as compared to other providers. Accordingly, the law of demand and supply will apply- the lower the price of a commodity, the higher the demand (Bashar 243). The internet service shall bridge the gap between the rich and the poor since both groups will be able to access the internet.PromotionThe use of print, visual and audio media will be adopted to advertise the company's services. Utilization of the two state-owned television channels and radio stations will help inform the target customers of the existence of G. Moreover, the use of such media as billboards, flyers, and posters in the streets and shops will promote the entity's services. Social media will also be instrumental in promoting the firm's services. Additionally, the company anticipates providing offers for its services. In this regard, users will enjoy free data bundles available during specific hours of the night, and cash prizes during public rallies to encourage them to buy more. The firm will also organize competitions such as soccer tournaments to promote its products and services, given that it is new on the market.DistributionMost businesses prefer urban centers to the rural settings. As a deviation from this discriminate practice, G will be delocalized with an extensive coverage even in the most remote of places. Customer care centers and agents will be available in all localities. The firm will erect boosters strategically all over Lao to enhance the strength of its network, considering that a hilly terrain characterizes the area- such landscape renders communication almost impossible. Boosters and satellites help in improving the bandwidth of data and voice communication; hence, this strategy covers much of the distribution aspect for G. Further, the business will be sublet to retailers and small businesses in well-defined structures so that customers receive services at any of these outlets.Work CitedBashar, Omar H.M.N. "The Role Of Aggregate Demand And Supply Shocks In A Low-Income Country: Evidence From Bangladesh." The Journal of Developing Areas, 2011 2011: 243-264.Liljas, Per. "Laos Joins Southeast Asian Internet Crackdown." Time, 2013: 1-1.Mayes and Warren Paul. "Unsettled Post-Revolutionaries in the Online Public Sphere." Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, 2009: 89-121.

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