Essays on Countries

“Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience”

The essay “Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience” discusses the different ways in which countries can combat poverty among the population, as argued by Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus. Yunus contends that poverty is caused by the current social system, not inherently by poor citizens. Yunus states in his novel that…

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Comparative Development of Democratic and Authoritarian Government

Political and economic processes vary in each region, but there are a few parallels that characterize their mechanisms. Many nations in the world follow one of two government systems: democratic or authoritarian. People of democratic countries are required to participate in government relations (Lee and Zhang 1478). Individual freedoms such…

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injustice of water in Asia

Interactions between Western nations and Asian countries have a significant impact on peoples’ livelihoods. The partnerships began during the pre-colonial period, progressed to the colonial era, and are now in the post-colonial period. Initially, western powers annexed Asian countries with the aim of exploring the globe. Europeans from the West…

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As a force, the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is among the world’s most powerful countries. It covers areas such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. The nation has a strong military and is the European Union’s second-largest economy (Davis, Hartoonian, Van Scotter, & White 2007). The United Kingdom has the greater share of territorial…

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lesson on receptive skills

I selected an authentic reading titled Slow Food Farmers’ Market for this assignment to practice and improve my learners’ reading and listening skills. My students are mostly foreign students from various countries, including Brazil, South Korea, India, Vietnam, and Sudan, to name a handful. International students also face major difficulties…

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About Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is a source of energy that is produced by the fusion and fission of nuclear or atom material. There is an increased impact on the use of nuclear weapons by people from many parts of the world. However, Slovakia, Belgium, France, and Hungary are the countries that have…

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Do We Have to Attack the Country That Can Attack Us?

One of the fascinating facts is that most of them focus on safeguarding themselves against their neighbors instead of countries that focus on building peace. Also with nations that appear to act as prospective perpetrators, stability is a phenomenon that can be accomplished. In order to eradicate any instances of…

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As regards politics, religion, national geography, and even social culture, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates are very distinct nations. These factors have a huge effect on your choice of a tourist destination. South Korea is the former colony of Japan and an Asian republic until it surrenders to…

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Ulta Beauty Customer Care

Customer care is an integral aspect of every company and is thus committed to providing outstanding customer support over a long and rewarding partnership. Any shopper looks forward to a pleasant greeting and support from his shop, making it a perfect forum for business owners with diverse projects to win…

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France and Business

France is one of the most important European countries, covering an area of roughly 211,200 square miles. France is home to about 66.5 million people and has a comparatively smaller population per unit area compared to other large European fraternity nations. France is predominantly urbanized with Paris as the most…

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same sex marriage and american attitudes

With many controversies on the topic, American attitudes toward same-sex marriage in the twenty-first century have been more nuanced and controversial. For some years, same-sex marriage has been a contentious issue in America, with some people endorsing it and some against it. In reality, the explosion of gay and lesbian…

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Recovery from tohoku earthquake and tsunami

March 11, 2011, will go down in Japanese history as one of the country’s darkest days. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Tohoku, causing a huge tsunami and a nuclear disaster that swept homes, bridges, and other facilities about six miles inland. Unfortunately, over sixteen thousand people died. Today, as we…

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