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Breaking the Anti-Immigrant Fever

Trump has recently issued a ban on numerous people from different countries entering the United States. The countries that have been most affected are those with a clear Muslim history. The two articles have found that it important to discuss the current issues that face this Islamic states, the effect…

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the beliefs and the bunyoro

Bunyoro kingdom was one of the territories that existed in Uganda, an east African nation. Following its separation from the northern kingdom of Sangora, also known as the Chwezi Empire, the Bunyoro kingdom was founded. The Bachwezi people founded the kingdom in the 16th century. About the fact that the…

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The United States Immigration Policies

The transfer of immigrants from one nation to another where they are not nationals and do not have citizenship rights is referred to as immigration. This relocation may be due to a change of work or a brief holiday. Any nation has rules that regulate the immigration process and processes…

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Cultural Imperialism

Cultural hegemony is a widespread ideology that has swept through a variety of countries around the world (Mirrlees 16). Countries with influential and affluent cultures are seen as a model for copying and imposing their cultures on less economically rich cultures around the globe. In most cases, Western nations have…

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Marijuana legalization in Maryland

One of the most contentious issues in today’s culture, especially in the United States, is the legalization of marijuana, which tends to split public and expert opinion equally. Numerous conferences across the country continue to be dominated by the subject, and the debates are often heated. The debate basically pits…

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Weight of the Vietnam War

Human beings have never been able to negotiate on common topics in their lifetimes, resulting in differences with options sought by peaceful agreements or violent actions. Disagreements range from the smallest unit, the family, to the international level between different countries. Wars between nations are waged with the assistance of…

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vietnam war, development and security

The Vietnam War was a confrontation that lasted from 1954 to 1975. It was mostly due to foreign countries’ attempts to expand their philosophies and accomplish their goals while weakening Vietnamese interests. The result was a loss of life as well as physical, social, and political stagnation in the world…

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About International Business

Multinational Companies (MNCs) are those companies present and provide valuable contributions to the services or exploitation of processes in more than one market, home country and host country. Often recognized as a multi-territorial corporation is transnational companies. This indicates that a company was known as an MNE due to the…

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Businesses are becoming more multinational as countries begin to accelerate the ease of starting up international investment. Copying and pasting the corporate and national culture of another business or region will often end in a tragic failure as the world is complex. A feasibility analysis is being conducted as a…

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about the death penalty

Judiciary processes in many countries around the world have a variety of ways to execute offenders. As a result, discussions were held on the proper options to deal with particularly violent homicide crimes, and the death penalty was used among the execution procedures (Van Den Haag & Conrad, 2013). Over…

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Global Commercial Market and Modern technology

Global commercial economies have expanded dramatically over time so that it is normal to go to a store and see a product made in one country and assembled in another country. However, recent demand expansion and improved commercial interconnections have been achieved over time by tools such as enhanced technologies….

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“Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience”

The essay “Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience” discusses the different ways in which countries can combat poverty among the population, as argued by Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus. Yunus contends that poverty is caused by the current social system, not inherently by poor citizens. Yunus states in his novel that…

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