T.R. Reid - Confucius Lives Next Door

Prior to moving to Japan with his family as a result of a job advancement, Reid had an American perspective on the world. He discovered upon his arrival in Tokyo that the world was much more varied than he had previously assumed. Reid spent five years living in Tokyo before...

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Japan is an independent country in East Asia. The island is located in the Pacific Ocean and reaches southwest to the East China Sea and Taiwan. It is often referred to as the land of the rising sun, a reference to its Japanese name, which means'sun origin'. It is made...

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Tokyo Japan

The Tokyo Experience: A Unique Adventure The human race has an unquenchable thirst to discover and experience different elements of life. As such, it is the desire of every human being to journey across the globe and experience one-of-a-kind adventures that the places have to offer. In fact, if it were...

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A free quote

Determination and Perseverance I grew up on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, a city rich in history and culture. My father worked as an investigative reporter for the Japan Times. Like my father, I have always set high standards for myself because I believe in not only doing my best but...

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