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Federalism in Malaysia

Several states are today moving away from other types of administration and are embracing federalism. According to He and, " Breen (2017), federal government works well and bring about growth. The best case study of a nation that has embraced federalism is the USA. Federalism is a subdivision of power...

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Understanding Malay Politics

Introduction Malaysia is a country whose politics necessitate a deeper grasp of the country in order to gain a thorough picture of it since it operates in an unusual manner. Because of the nature of Malay politics, the country has been raised for debate by several. These discussions have taken place...

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Understanding Malay Society and Culture

Malaysian Culture Because of the wide range of people living there, Malaysia has an extremely diversified culture. Taking the Malays as an example, who are an ethnic subgroup of the Austronesian people. The Malay peninsula, coastal Borneo, and eastern Sumatra are all home to the main ethnic groups from the Philippines and...

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Things to Keep in Mind When Travelling to Malaysia

If you're planning a vacation to Malaysia There are several things to keep in mind. First, make sure to carry proof of your citizenship. You'll need to carry a current U.S. passport or social visit pass, as well as other documentation that will prove your legal status in Malaysia. Tourism in Malaysia When...

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