Essays on Diversity

Diversity is a hot topic nowadays when people strive to accept, understand, and respect each other’s differences, which makes a diversity essay a good way to reflect on the current situation. Diversity essays explain the meaning of diversity – everyone is, and allowed to be, different, individual, and unique. This usually concerns racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender, and other differences between people. Some essays on diversity portray how society used to struggle with accepting diversity – racial segregation can serve as an example. However, nowadays our goal is to understand that despite our differences we are all the same people and deserve the same treatment. Take a look at our diversity essay samples. Checking out other people’s essay samples is a good way to prepare to write your own essays.

cross-cultural training significance

When the world becomes more complex, health care professionals must be professional in order to communicate with, diagnose, and manage their culturally diverse patients. Racial and tribal inequalities in health must be recognized in every country, as recent statistics indicate a rise in the number of minorities’ mortality rates. Health…

Words: 1248

Pages: 5

How should we live? Augustine Confessions book two chapters 4-9

Augustine shares some interesting facts about himself in his books. They are all negatives, or at least a large portion of them represent his negative side. Reading his confessions, one may be inclined to believe that Augustine was more interested in portraying the dark side of human beings than in…

Words: 827

Pages: 4

about diversity

The word “diversity” refers to the number of variations that occur among people in a given organization. The topic of diversity has been an evolving issue in some social settings. It is often referred to as difficult because it addresses gender, ethnicity, ethnic groups, income, and other social factors. As…

Words: 1114

Pages: 5

Aspects of Ethnicity and Culture in ‘Call It Sleep’

The analysis of Henry Roth’s “Call it Sleep” sees cultural diversity and race as important sources of the book’s dynamism. It reflects on the author’s depiction of racial disparities in an urban neighborhood in America, namely the Lower East Side of New York. Call It Sleep is the story of…

Words: 866

Pages: 4

A racial understanding

For several years, the United States’ concept and understanding of race and gender had taken on a new form, provoking important sociological debates. Throughout America’s history, a racial sense has been woven and debated around biological differences. Race, on the other hand, is a product of socio-cultural differences within various…

Words: 1990

Pages: 8

Cultural Aspects of Housing in America

Because there are so many ethnic groups in the United States, American culture is diverse. A group’s culture usually influences its housing, which then becomes a part of the culture. Their housing culture has reflected this diversity. However, culture is no longer the sole determinant of how housing is done…

Words: 1224

Pages: 5

Gender Justice and Power

1ST Article Title of Article How Gamergate Pioneered the Backlash Against Diversity. The Walrus, p.1-12. Type of Article Editorial Author/s The author is Lauren Mckoen, an editor at walrus. Date and place of publication September 11, 2017. The article was published in The Walrus magazine. Stakes Mckoen as an editor….

Words: 724

Pages: 3

The Value of Diversity of Both Wiesel and King

Minority agencies in the United States undergo marginalization where they are being pressed to the authority. The desires of the minority are not noted and given less importance in the society, therefore, limiting their opportunities and skill of survival. The criteria used to marginalize the minority groups includes age, race,…

Words: 764

Pages: 3

Human activity

Human presence has greatly led to the loss of global ecological diversity, resulting in large water bodies being degraded in a number of ways without regard for the ecosystems they sustain. An estimated 4.8-12 million tons of plastics are thought to have made their way to the ocean as a…

Words: 1722

Pages: 7

Overfishing (1992 Cod Collapse)

Overfishing is described as capturing more fish than the population can replace by natural reproduction, resulting in total depletion. Many animals are being driven to extinction as a result of human impact on the climate. Because of the high demand for larger fish, the stock of fish is decreasing dramatically,…

Words: 1568

Pages: 6

The excerpt by Bradley

Bradley’s excerpt goes into more detail about the tragedies and their significance in Shakespeare’s life. Furthermore, Shakespeare’s perspective on tragedy is very well illustrated in-depth in the extract. The different types of catastrophes, i.e. accidents, how they interfere with each other’s occurrence, their diversity of occurrence existence, and how they…

Words: 2354

Pages: 9

the conservation of species

According to the Project 1 table, Bird Analysis reveals the diversity indices of the species numbers and the heterogeneity of their distributions in the population under investigation. The graph depicts the accumulated species count against the sample, with all bird species recording an increasing cumulative quantity. Punta Gorda was the…

Words: 575

Pages: 3

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