Case Study Diversity: Mediating Morality

Like the publisher, I chose option B (complete job) as my response. The meeting's initial purpose is stated by Syl in clear terms: "I want to remind the both of you that the purpose of this meeting is for us to discuss how to get this project completed, how to get the work done, and nothing else." Although she goes on to express some reservations about the team members' contributions, this is still an effort to guarantee the achievement of the general goal. SameDaniel’s perception is clouded. It is apparent that his reaction is more emotional than it is logical. He perceives the matte in discuss from a sentimental perspective regarding his strained interpersonal relations with Bob. Such a response arguably leaves little room for objective reasoning.

Question #3: How Should Syl Respond?

Same. Given the escalating tension between Bob and Daniel, it would be prudent that Syl changes the topic. It is evident at this point that Daniel is bitter and not about to let the matter drop; neither is Bob who feels justified to react to personal attacks. Changing the topic should be the ideal course of action. After all, the exclusive purpose of the meeting is to discuss the completion of the project. The issues between the conflicting parties could be solved in a different, more appropriate forum.

Question #4: What is the Main Issue?

Same. The main issue regards the completion of the project. Syl attempts to keep the discussion on course when Bob and Daniel start an argument that does not contribute to meeting’s initial goals.

Question #5: Why Does Syl Propose This?

Syl’s proposition that the discussion is revisited with neither Ralph nor Jennifer is a means of empowering Daniel. The subject matter in focus – Bob’s alleged discrimination of Daniel – is an issue between the two parties. Therefore, it only makes sense that the two – more than anyone else – take responsibility for solving the matter.



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