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The Nature of Altruism and Psychological Egoism

The Act of Altruism vs. Psychological Egoism The seemingly altruistic act by the firefighters and police officers who gallantly walked into the burning World Trade Centre was not an altruistic act, it was instead an act of psychological egoism. Psychological egoism is the assumption that our actions as human beings are...

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Arguments Against Psychological Egoism

Foundation of Morality Over the years, varying theories have been adopted to explain the foundation of morality within an individual. This is referred as Egoism and can take either be normative or a clear position. There are different types of egoism which entail psychological, ethical and rational egoism. According to Tilley...

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The Role of Psychological Egoism and Psychological Altruism in Moral Decision Making

Egoism, psychological or ethical, is the thesis that our self-interests motivate our actions. Egoists hold that the good should seek to aim at his wellbeing and maximize possible advantages from any available resource. Ethical egoism can approve behavior that benefits other people,...

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A Review of Peer Harassment and Coping

Newman, R. S. (2008). Adaptive and nonadaptive help-seeking with peer harassment: An integrative perspective of coping and self-regulation. Educational Psychologist, 43(1), 1-15. Newman, as the prime objective of this article, seek to examine the dilemma that students faces while in school when harassed and the approaches that most apply to counteract...

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Public Bathroom Bill and Its Impact on LGBT Community

Introduction Public bathrooms are the latest frontier in the LGBT rights campaign. Numerous states have passed legislation removing the anti-discrimination clause and other provisions that require the use of restrooms to rely on people's biological identity during birth. The LGBT community and other liberal groups have raised concerns a discriminatory aspect...

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The Influence of Peer Pressure on Teenage Addiction

A young person goes through many age groups before attaining maturity. In each stage, the child experiences challenging conditions, which are significant in determining the future of the youngster. One of the significant reasons behind the fragility of the teenage hood is the inability to make independent decisions and massive...

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The LGBT Community: Unified Under the Rainbow

LGBT community has been currently fighting and struggling creating most media headlines protesting for equal rights and social acknowledgment of their existence.  Without an alarm, the community which is composed of children, brothers, as well as friends, feels threatened by the neighbors and mothers due to their sexuality either as...

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The Relationship Between E-commerce and Globalisation

In the modern era of globalisation, new opportunities have presented for tremendous growth and e-commerce improves domestic economic well-being through liberalisation of products. E-commerce promotes the transfer of data through the network topology. The advent of internet technology ignited new commercial practices and models on the global level and drove...

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The Mathew Shepard Story

Referred by the title The Mathew Shepherd , the movie is a Canadian-American film produced in 2002 and directed by Spottiswoode Roger. The movie was acted based on a true story of a young adult who was gay and murdered in 1998. The death of the openly declared gay...

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The History of Heterosexism

Heterosexism, just like other sex orientation stereotyping refers to abject discrimination of heterosexists premised on the belief that portraying such a trait is defiance to the standard straight sexual orientation that the majority of the society ascribes to. They face intense social exclusion; prejudices as well as threats of homophobic...

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Polygamy and Child Mortality: Historical and Modern Evidence from Nigeria's Igbo

Al-Krenawi, A. (2013). Mental health and polygamy: The Syrian case. World Journal of Psychiatry, 1-7. Retrieved from Annotation: The author conducted the study in Syria to investigate the psychological, family function, life satisfaction, self-esteem, and marital satisfaction. Also, the scholar strived to highlight the extent of consent among the polygamous...

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The Mother-Adolescent Daughter Relationship

In comparison to the past generations, adolescents nowadays devote less of their time interrelating with close family members than they spend with friends; in school, in part-time jobs, and so forth. That being said, family and particularly the parent-adolescent relationship, offers opportunities for teenagers or adolescents to acquire and develop...

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