Business Process Management Shadowing and Mentoring

The mentoring concept was described in many ways as a long-term relationship which responds to development needs, helps to fully develop potential and is beneficial to all partners, mentors, mentees and organizations. As mentors are part of an import team from BPM, however, no mentor can be an individual team…

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Mentorship and Leadership

The desire to pass on wisdom and expertise to others is the basic tenet of leadership. Great leaders in history have made it a priority to build and evolve others into leadership roles. A mentor is a guide, a consultant, a teacher, and a teacher (Sinha, Chazal, & Cullen, 2015)….

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Business Process Management Mentoring and Shadowing

Mentoring in many respects has been described as a long-term partnership, supporting the maximum potential growth and benefiting all partners, mentors, mentees and organisation, through an integral principle of guiding, offering guidance, encouragement and career planning. Although mentors are a part of the BPM team, each team member cannot, however,…

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Discovery of Career

The strategy ensures that the tutor and the mentee have a common understanding. First, I will visit the mentor on a regular basis to facilitate frequent contact and information sharing. Secondly, the tutor must develop new perspectives and resources to enhance the learning process. Thirdly, for a period of time…

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