Essays on Parent-Child Relationship

The Mother-Adolescent Daughter Relationship

In comparison to the past generations, adolescents nowadays devote less of their time interrelating with close family members than they spend with friends; in school, in part-time jobs, and so forth. That being said, family and particularly the parent-adolescent relationship, offers opportunities for teenagers or adolescents to acquire and develop...

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Impacts of Parent Imprisonment on Children

In the world today, imprisonment rate has gone up. Anyone can be imprisoned no matter the age or gender. The principal reason for a prison sentence is to punish the offender. Rather than being a punishment, imprisonment can be of decisive impact once the prisoner has practical, financial, social, and...

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The Psychological Influence of the Helicopter Parents to Their Children

I wish my parents had a better hobby than me (Memum). Today, many children, whether toddlers or teens, who go to college, find themselves confined and dominated by their parents. These parents observe, judge and change all movements, decisions, and opinions there. Such habits do not give them the chance...

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attachment theory by Harlow

The Act of Attachment The act of attachment refers to the deep and long-term emotional connection that binds a mother and a child, in particular, to various people. This can be measured by the individual actions displayed by children. These involve finding the individual s security that they re so close to...

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