Essays on Attachment Theory


Attachment theory was improved and updated by Mary Ainsworth, a psychologist. She presented the most relevant research that clarified the newborns’ differences in any attachments. She defines attachment as a long-lasting and intense emotional connection that binds one person to another through space and time (Ainsworth & Bell, 1970, 58)….

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An Attachment-Theoretical Perspective

In the article by Hazan and Shaver (1990), the writers say that attachment usually accommodates both work and love in the most natural way. The writers also say that functionality is the same as exploration and that adult attachment encourages work activity just as exploration in the same way as…

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attachment theory by Harlow

The act of attachment refers to the deep and long-term emotional connection that binds a mother and a child, in particular, to various people. This can be measured by the individual actions displayed by children. These involve finding the individual’s security that they’re so close to when they feel threatened…

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