Essays on Intelligence

The Concept of Intelligence

Intelligence and Its Relationship with Education Intelligence may refer to the abilities involved in learning and adaptive behavior. Since intelligence forms a significant fundamental of human capacity, it is vital to study how different texts have discussed it. The article mainly explains how intelligence relates to the educational systems and the...

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Comparison of Intelligence amongst Cultures

Currently, researchers in Asia, America and elsewhere across the globe have discovered that people in non-western culture perceive ideas regarding intelligence differently from those who appreciates and lives in accordance to Western culture.  The definition of intelligence according to Gardener has accommodated cultural settings through provision of extended way of...

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The Nature of Intelligence

According to Einstein: The Many Shapes of Intelligence According to Einstein, the best way to identify intelligence is through imagination. Intelligence comes in many different shapes, sizes, and forms and none supersedes the other. Further, human beings express intelligence in many ways. If everyone pursued the same form of intelligence, there...

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Socioeconomic Status and the Growth of Intelligence from Infancy to Adolescence

The media piece chosen for the analysis is an article, “Socioeconomic status and the growth of intelligence from infancy through adolescence.” The article is used to explore the portrayal of the economic status, sociological framework suitable in explaining the media piece, message of the media, possible effects of the article,...

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The Smartest Kids in the World

The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way explores how education differs in four different nations. The author of the book, Amanda Ripley, compares the educational initiatives made by kids in Finland, South Korea, Poland,...

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Information Sharing and Information Technology Resources

Six organizations that share intelligence information have made exclusive investments in their websites so that visitors can access pertinent content like publications, articles, and training courses. IACP and other intelligence rules are present on some websites. Additionally, complex police-related areas are addressed, like undercover operations. By addressing problems with policy-making, analysis,...

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Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis

Whether the separation between humans and other animals is actually beneficial or detrimental is the main lesson Andre Alexis wants his viewers to learn. He wants to demonstrate whether animals with cognitive understanding would be content or whether they would completely destruct their content lifestyle. This is the main justification...

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Methods used to counter terrorism

The fight against terrorists The fight against terrorists can be waged using a variety of strategies. The primary financing sources for terrorists are reduced, the military is strengthened in terms of resources and intelligence, and international organizations work together to address terrorism-related issues as some of the methods used to combat...

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The ethical problem of espionage in the American intelligence-gathering apparatus

The principles and methods of espionage as a system for collecting information are not only abhorrent but also go against ethical public concerns that need to be addressed. Despite the fact that studies in international relations have been guided by the idea that it is inappropriate to apply ethical principles...

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Russia’s cyber attacks

Russian cyberattacks are becoming more widespread. The purpose of these assaults is always to benefit or harm a nation politically or economically. Such attacks serve a political purpose by promoting a particular contender. Four Russian nationals, including two Russian officers, were charged by the Department of Justice in March 2017...

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The end of political power story

The Decline of Political Power and its Impact on Artificial Intelligence The story of the decline of political power serves as the dialectical foundation on which thoughts on artificial intelligence take hold of the mediating leadership roles and how they can be connected to a nation's general populace. The article on...

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Impact of Local Knowledge-Sharing Hubs

How do knowledge-sharing centers foster the development of new ideas? Do knowledge-sharing centers affect the community's typical level of intelligence? How could the growth of social centers for knowledge exchange help people? Every society should establish knowledge-sharing hubs where people can gather to debate a range of new topics and come up with...

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