Evaluation of David Dunning Paper

We Are All Confident Idiots is a 2014 article by David Dunning that discusses how people argue for a position they don’t believe in. According to the author, the majority of people use confidence as a useful proxy for competence. They speak authoritatively, as if they know exactly what they’re…

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Pages: 6

Elderly Inmates in the Prison Population

Undoubtedly, various reasons are contributing to the elderly inmates’ increased percentage in the prison population. Possible, the aging of the inmates is one of the reasons. Other probable explanations consist of the longer sentences, as well as taking crime seriously. In some instances, the models of sentencing keep on changing….

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Pages: 2

A Single Story

The query concerning what happens when individuals restriction their perspective to single stories about a specific situation is one that holds significant implications for the society. More often than not, people normally tend to judge others, critic places and a number of aspects of life from a single perspective, leading…

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Pages: 4

mixed scanning, rational-comprehensive and incremental theories

A policy decision here includes any action by such officials or an agency that may implement, attempt to alter or even reject policy options. It includes individuals and organisations in the eve of public policy making, but in the end, policy making is taken over by the decisions taken by…

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Judge and politician involved in teenager sexual harassment

After Judge Ray Moore resigning from his job and figuring out that we will run for the Senate site in Alabama, news surfaced that he was nicely known to sexually harass teenagers of young ages. In some news, a female filed a report that he harassed teenagers such as a…

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Justice Ginsburg

In the United States of America, Justice Ginsburg is a famous and vocal person who makes up the judges of the Supreme Court. An adorable intelligence that determines her ability lies beyond her intellectual capacity. Argumentative comments that are strongly rated accordingly offer the essence of placing all trust in…

Words: 2088

Pages: 8

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